S4120-1048: Resource Update

Posted in : Resource Updates

Product: S4120-1048

Reason for Update: Resource Update

Description: Revise Installation Guide 33550, User Guide 33551, and CLI Reference Guide 33552 from Rev A to B. C4120: Revise firmware from 1.2.6 to 2.0.1.

Explanation of Update: Installation Guide 33550: Update to firmware v2.0.1, DoC and contact info. User Guide 33551 and CLI Reference Guide 33552: Update for firmware v1.2.6 with support for management and firmware upgrade of a C4120 when installed in an unmanaged ION chassis and contact info. Firmware v2.0.1: Bug fix to allow Transparent Link Pass Through to correctly detect link failures on each port and inform the other port of the link failure, making both end devices aware of the link failure. Bug fix to address an intermittent slot ID reporting issues on the chassis cards.