S3230-1013 & S3230-1014: End of Life Notice

Posted in : End of Life Notices

Product: S3230-1013 & S3230-1014

Reason for Update: End of Life Notice

Description: S3230-1013 & S3230-1014 are going obsolete; orders will be accepted through June 23, 2017, or while supplies last.

Replacement Product: Direct replacement product will be available in the form of an identical converter with an open SFP slot instead of the fixed SC fiber connector. This SFP-based converter can be combined with the appropriate SFP module to match the fiber type and transmission distance required. Below is a replacement cross-reference table.

Discontinued Product    Replacement Product    Necessary SFP   
S3230-1013 S3230-1040 TN-SFP-SX
S3230-1014 S3230-1040 TN-SFP-LX1

S3230-1013 & S3230-1014 End of Life Notice