NM2-GXE-2230-xx-201A: New Product Release

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Product: NM2-GXE-2230-xx-201 Series

  • NM2-GXE-2230-LC-201A
  • NM2-GXE-2230-SFP-201A

Description: M.2 Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Network Interface Cards

Features & Benefits: We now offer the new NM2-GXE-2230-LC-201A and NM2-GXE-2230-SFP-201A for the Dell OptiPlex 7080 series 65W systems.

  • For Dell OptiPlex 7080 series 35W systems, we offer our existing NM2-GXE-2230-LC-201 and NM2-GXE-2230-LC-201.
  • For Dell OptiPlex 7080 DGPU systems, we also offer traditional PCIe NICs.

Resources: Datasheet

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