CGFEB1040-140 & CGFEB4040-180: End of Life Notice

Posted in : End of Life Notices

Product: CGFEB1040-140 & CGFEB4040-180

Reason for Update: End of Life Notice

Description: CGFEB1040-140 & CGFEB4040-180 are going obsolete; orders will be accepted through October 31, 2017, or while supplies last.

Alternative Product Options:  C3221-1040, SGFEB1040-230, SGFEB1040-330

The ION Platform of media conversion is the replacement for the Point System. The rest of the active CGFEB10xx-120 products will continue to be available through the end of 2017 when most Point System cards will be going End-of-Life, as previously announced in January of 2016.

Resources: CGFEB1040-140 and CGFEB4040-180 EOL Notice