1-Slot & 19-Slot Point System Chassis: End of Life Notice

Posted in : End of Life Notices

Product: CPSMC0100 Series & CPSMC1900 Series

Reason for Update: End of Life Notice

Description: CPSMC0100 Series & CPSMC1900 Series is going obsolete; orders will be accepted through January 31st, 2019, or while supplies last.

Replacement Product: Replacement product is available in The ION Platform. While the ION is not a direct replacement, the new platform offers similar functionality along with enhanced management capabilities. The ION Platform uses its own set of chassis’, power supplies, management modules, and media converter slide-in-cards. The ION chassis does support the use of Point System cards via the IONADP adapter. For further help with your ION configuration, please contact your Transition Networks sales representative

Resources: Point System End of Life Notice