Fast Link Pulse

Fast Link Pulse is a configuration item that is only applicable to Twisted Pair ports.

When set to autonegotiate(1), the converter sends Fast Link Pulses on its twisted pair port, thereby participating in autonegotiation of duplex between the converter’s twisted pair port and that of the connected station. If that station supports autonegotiation and it supports Full-Duplex (FDX) operation, FDX will be used. If not, the twisted pair will operate in Half-Duplex (HDX) mode.

When set to hdx100Btx(2), the converter instead sends 100Mbps idles (rather than Fast Link Pulses) on its twisted pair port (i.e. it declines to negotiate), which forces the twisted pair to operate in HDX mode regardless of the capabilities of the connected station. When operating in HDX mode, the twisted pair can support traffic in only one direction at a time.

In FDX mode, traffic can pass in both directions simultaneously, thus theoretically doubling network performance.