CPSMP100 Instant Fail-Over Power Supply

ParameterAssociated MIB variableDescription
BIAcpsmp100BiaIndex(1)See BIA and Slot
Slotcpsmp100SlotIndex(2)See BIA and Slot
Group Membershipcpsmp100Groups(3)See Configuration Management
Marketing Revisioncpsmp100MRevision(4)Marketing Revision
Config Matchcpsmp100CfgMatch(5)Configuration Management match?
Serial Numbercpsmp100SerialNumber(6)Serial Number reported by hardware
Modecpsmp100Mode(7)Master/Slave/Shared Mode of this supply
Configuration Modecpsmp100ConfigMode(8)Configuration Mode
Remote Fancpsmp100RemoteFan(9)A Remote Fan is a device that fits in a power supply slot but contains no power supply, only a fan. These devices are not manageable, but if present they will be reported by the manageable supply that accompanies it.
Power OKcpsmp100PowerOK(10)This variable has the value yes(1) any time this supply is capable of supplying at least 11.6 volts to the cabinet. Note that a value of no(2) does not necessarily indicate hard failure. A power supply can be detected even if it is powered down or not plugged in as long as another power supply has PowerOK=yes(1) and InUse=yes(1). In this case, PowerOK will be no(2) for the disabled power supply.
In Usecpsmp100InUse(11)Value is yes(1) when this supply is currently selected to supply power to the cabinet.
Chassis Powercpsmp100ChassisPower(12)Power currently supplied to the cabinet, in milliwatts
Chassis Temperaturecpsmp100ChassisTemp(13)The temperature inside the cabinet as detected by the power supply, stored in tenths of degrees centigrade but usually converted to degrees for display.
Remote Fan Faultcpsmp100RfanFault(14)Normally no(2), this value changes to yes(1) when an installed Remote fan is drawing excessive current or none at all.
Local Fan Faultcpsmp100LfanFault(15)Normally no(2), this value changes to yes(1) when the Local fan is drawing excessive current or none at all.
Supply Typecpsmp100SupplyType(16)The supply voltage that this unit is designed to accept. IfAC(1), the supply accepts 90-260VAC, 47 to 400Hz. IfDC48(2), the supply accepts 38-75VDC.
Cache Cleancpsmp100CacheClean(17)Configuration changes pending?