You’re Not Alone with Windows

Does thinking about writing Windows networking software give you cold chills?

You’re not alone.

A lot of developers feel that way because they have never had to develop Ethernet applications before on a PC. Like many companies, you may have an application that works great and communicates over the serial port (COM1: etc.). Well this is a perfect scenario for using COM port redirection software. With this software, you can fool your PC application into thinking it is talking over a local COM port when in reality it is talking over Ethernet to a remote device server’s serial port. In effect, you are just stretching the serial cable over the Internet; the world’s longest serial cable! Lantronix also offers a Secure COM port redirector that allows you to encrypt the information using FIPS197 certified, AES encryption. If you would like to know more about these useful tools, check the links below:

Com Port Redirector

Secure Com Port Redirector

Hope those chills are gone, how else can I help?