This Spider won’t bite

Lantronix SpiderIf I hear a scream at my house I know a spider has been found. Lantronix has Spiders too, but a little different. These products allow you to access remote PCs and other equipment where a Keyboard, Video and Mouse (KVM) interface are present (also known as KVM over IP). You might think this sounds like the functionality of Remote Desktop Connection from Microsoft or gotomypc or logmein. These are useful software tools but if the OS is crashed, the unit is turned off, the service running on the PC is disabled, you want to view video, etc. you are stuck. The Lantronix Spiders do not require ANY software to be loaded on the computer to which you are attached. You can even access the BIOS and reload the entire Operating System remotely! The Spider Duo has an accessory that allows you to remotely turn on or off power to the PC as well. I’m a big fan of this product and a regular user of it.

Imagine if we marry ManageLinx VIP access to the Spider? This is a marriage made in heaven that lets you do everything above securely, from any PC in the world! Stay tuned for more on this.

For more info on the Spider family:

Lantronix Spider

Lantronix SpiderDuo

and for fun:

What are some of the exciting new ways you are connecting to your PCs remotely?