SLB and SLC Come to Life!

Ever wonder what would happen if our products came to life? Wonder no more! In a recent video shoot, both our SLB and SLC IT infrastructure management solutions get a voice so they can talk about their features and the many benefits they bring to the IT administrators who use them.

SLC: “With me doing the work virtually, you don’t have to call in the B team to go on site and compromise security … See my USB ports? Yup, got that, and I can upgrade your power supply too!”

SLB: “I’m your partner to monitor, manage and troubleshoot IT equipment. And best of all, we can do this from your server room. I do the traveling for you and you get all the glory!”

It’s a brave new world of IT products with personalities! We’ll be sure to share the final videos when ready – stay tuned.

Lantronix SLC/SLB Video Shoot - Image 1  Lantronix SLC/SLB Video Shoot - Image 2 

Lantronix SLC/SLB Video Shoot - Image 3