Revolutionizing the Safety of Industrial Workers

How Lantronix Supported the Development of the Guardhat Communicator Smart Hardhat

To revolutionize the safety of industrial workers, the innovative creators of the Guardhat Communicator re-envisioned the hardhat into a smart wearable device. To make the hardhat a communicating device, the Guardhat team turned to Lantronix to enable remote monitoring of and communication with the wearer — and help quickly create a prototype and shorten time to market.

Challenge: Create a Communicating Hardhat to Increase Worker Safety

Challenges to creating a smart hardhat included incorporating sensors, a camera and microphones along with wireless connectivity for remote communication. It also required secure boot for secure updates and the necessary on-device processing power to make it all work. And, all of this had to be accomplished without making the hardhat too heavy or cumbersome for workers to wear.

Lantronix Open-Q 626 μSOM and Development Kit

The Guardhat designers chose the Lantronix Open-Q™ 626 μSOM (micro System on Module) based on the Qualcomm® APQ8053-Pro SoC (System on Chip) as well as its companion Lantronix Open-Q 626 µSOM Development Kit. The Open-Q 626 µSOM delivers the ideal balance of advanced processing capabilities for the camera, audio and wireless capabilities along with power efficiency.

With the support of Lantronix, Guardhat built several technologies into the hardhat:

  • Board Support — The BSP was customized to include support for USB, serial port, SD card, Wi-Fi, GPS and specific Bluetooth low-energy profiles.
  • Camera — A 13-megapixel camera uses the image signal processor (ISP) in the APQ8053-Pro SoC to capture images and video.
  • Audio — Lantronix helped incorporate support for microphones, stereo, the audio jack on the carrier board and Qualcomm® Noise and Echo Cancellation and noise suppression for loud industrial environments.
  • Wireless — NFC and RFID capabilities are integrated into the hardhat.

Results: Guardhat Communicator Smart Hardhat Connects Remote Workers

The Guardhat Communicator smart hardhat monitors the workers’ environment, sending warnings and alerts in case of imminent danger, and applies wearable technology to overcome hazardous conditions. It enables remote communication, including audio and video calls and the ability for the wearer to push a single button for help. It also provides a real-time decision-making and data analytics platform that connects industrial workforces through situational awareness.

Pull quotes:

“Guardhat shares information about the worker’s location with the home base while comprehensive communications options enable voice and video calls.”

                                                        Anupam Sengupta, CTO and Co-founder

                                                        Guardhat Inc.

“With the Lantronix team’s knowledge and unique micro SOM technology, Guardhat’s innovators were able to reinvent the hardhat, making it a communicating device that helps keep workers safely in touch.”

                                                                      Victor Gonzalez, Senior Director, Engineering

                                                                      Lantronix Inc.

Success Highlights

  • Aid in the development of a wearable IoT hardhat
  • Provide support to deliver a market-ready prototype
  • Supply advanced μSOM technology
  • Contribute to secure remote device communication
  • Provide an affordable solution to help contain development costs

 Awards: Best Inventions of 2020 by TIME Magazine. Read story HERE 

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