Live at ESC Silicon Valley: PremierWave EN!

This week kicks off the Embedded Systems Conference at Silicon Valley. Lantronix will be there in the Symmetry Booth, discussing the latest in embedded trends and also demoing our newest product: PremierWave EN.

PremierWave EN is an embedded wireless device server that provides high-quality wireless connectivity for securely transmitting medical, financial, customer or other vital information across corporate networks. The module enables seamless device connectivity, like patient monitors and infusion pumps, over a network wirelessly. The embedded device server is designed to operate using 802.11abgn standards and is built on Linux, includes IPv6 and provides enterprise level security.

A prime use-case example for PremierWave would be in a hospital environment. As the 2.4GHz band becomes more congested, hospitals and other mission critical applications are targeting the new 5GHz spectrum. This allows vital equipment to communicate on a less crowded frequency to ensure the seamless delivery of data. Since PremierWave works with all standards, hospitals and medical equipment OEMs can design wireless connectivity into equipment, and now have a reliable module to turn to.

As businesses continually look for ways to improve efficiency and lower operating costs, Lantronix is pushing to be at the forefront, providing innovative product solutions to assist companies with their goals.