Keep That Traffic Moving

Beijing is famous for its traffic. As are cities in the United States including Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York. Our governments and urban planners have yet to find a golden solution to keep traffic moving–if there is such a thing. Earlier this month I came across an article in ChinaDaily about a new concept for traffic flow designed by a university student named Li Xu. After witnessing his father losing a business deal due to being stuck in traffic, Xu designed an intersection that theorizes to keep traffic moving–even without lights. This concept interested me for a few reasons: First, necessity really is the mother of invention, isn’t it? Mr. Xu designed this concept after experiencing real consequences of city traffic. But more than that, I love seeing people employing new thinking about situations that many consider just status quo. After all, that’s very similar to what we do at Lantronix. In fact, our technology’s already been implemented to address traffic problems in Los Angeles. Together with Systems Integrated, we helped LA County improve the flow of traffic and save management costs by allowing lights to be remotely managed. You can read more about it on our website. Mr. Xu’s concept made me come to a conclusion about our work at Lantronix: One of the things I like best about our technology is it can immensely improve the status quo–often without full-on infrastructure overhauls. Kudos to Mr. Xu on his idea, though– we need more people like him out there thinking of ways to make the daily grind better for all of us.