Introducing EDS1100/2100

At ISC West this week, we released a new product, the EDS1100/2100, to expand our product portfolio of secure device servers. While the team here is very excited about this, you’re probably wondering, what does this mean to me?

These new device servers can connect virtually any device to the Internet and boost security for data transmitted over the network, properly securing patient records, financial and customer information.

A real-life example can be found in the healthcare industry. As hospitals are moving to electronic media records and device information gathering, it’s important that doctors and nurses have secure access to those files whenever they need them, no matter where they are in the hospital. Our device servers can be used within the hospital to connect any machine to the network and peace of mind that their records and data are completely secure.

If you’re attending ISC West, come visit us at booth #7055 to learn more.