Integrating Device Management Function into Industrial Weighing Scales

Integrating Device Management Function into Industrial Weighing Scales

How will the Internet of Things Change Industrial Weighing Scales?

The projected economic impact of the Internet of Things on the industrial segment will reach approximately $3-$6T per annum by 2025. Much of the value generated in this segment will come from OEMs monetizing machine data in the form of analytics, which will significantly increase production yields and make manufacturing processes more efficient.

In the case of industrial weighing scales, OEMs that choose to IoT-enable their products now are on track to benefit the most from this economic impact. However, making the leap to Industry 4.0 can be very challenging and will require OEMs to set clear goals and requirements. For those that decide to go it alone without the expertise of an IoT veteran, all we can say is good luck.

We all know that developing custom software applications without an established framework is very complicated and will inevitably lead to crippling roadblocks. And given a highly competitive marketplace, OEMs do not have the time or the resources to focus on launching new products while simultaneously building the back-end of their solution.

This solution brief explains how MACH10® Global Device Manager is the fastest, most cost-effective and safest route to market for developing a cloud-enabled connected weighing scale solution. The brief will also demonstrate the advantages of partnering with an experienced IoT solution provider as opposed to developing your software stack from scratch. By taking full advantage of the Lantronix MACH10® Platform, industrial weighing scale OEMs can:

  • Reduce their customer service costs through centralized management
  • Easily manage customers and dealers as they expand their business
  • Turn weighing scale status and usage data into business opportunities
  • Migrate applications and business logic to the cloud, lowering overall investment