Edge Empowerment

For well over a decade, Lantronix device servers have been dutifully moving data to and from asynchronous serial ports to Ethernet. While extending the serial port across the Internet may be just what is needed, as device servers and edge products in general become more powerful, doesn’t it make sense to move some/most of the intelligence to the edge? By processing at the edge, only key pieces of data need to be transmitted upstream. This could result in very tangible savings where communications has a cost per byte. With appropriate software in the edge, decisions can be made there in response to input from the machine, removing delays due to network latency and far-end processing delays. Here at Lantronix, we have been providing toolkits to empower our customers to create just such applications on top of the device servers deployed at the edge. Have you had a chance to leverage these powerful capabilities?

I would love to hear from you about your applications or about ‘edge empowerment’ in general. Until next time!