DASH7 – New Standard in Wireless

We’ve discussed the topic before but every day we’re seeing more and more proof that connectivity from any device to any network truly is the future. The topic of ‘Internet of Things’ has seen increased press attention and wireless networking is become more prevalent.

The latest is a new wireless sensor networking standard DASH7. According to ReadWriteWeb, ‘It’s ideal for large area sensor networking or supporting reliable communication with things on the move.’ The idea is that a consumer’s mobile world gets increasingly smarter, with mobile payments, ticketing and the ability to access a building – effectively anything that allows your phone to communicate with other devices.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if these other devices were also connected to a network that could be remotely controlled?  The wealth of knowledge shared and learned from a world of connected devices would help increase efficiencies of a variety of businesses.

Richard MacManus at ReadWriteWeb has additional thoughts for use-cases of DASH7, specifically in the mobile application space. Definitely a recommended read.