Customer Service in the Tech World – The Year Ahead 2022

January 25, 2022


Customer Service in the Tech World – The Year Ahead 2022

Lantronix’s Award-Winning Customer Service Delivers Fast, Accurate Solutions 

As we look further into 2022 and the trends shaping customer service and the customer experience (CX) in the Tech World, Bernard Marr of Forbes said it best is his article, The 5 Biggest Customer Experience (CX) trends in 2022, “Over the next year, brands will build on their successes (and learn from the failures), leveraging technology-driven solutions to the challenges of building deeper connections and relationships with their customers.”

At Lantronix, we believe that delivering exceptional customer service is the key to ensuring that our products and services are utilized in the most efficient and technologically advanced manner. Whether it’s for our end-user customers or channel community, we know that responsive and solutions-focused customer service is integral to our customers seeing us as a trusted and valued resource.

Your Way. 
Our customers can receive customer service in the format that works best for them. We offer chat, phone and email customer service, all with fast response times and accurate information

What really sets apart our customer support from the competition is our exceptional responsiveness on the platform of their choice.

Our reps pick up within three rings. According to a study by American Express, the average amount of time callers waited for customer service by phone was 13 minutes.

Live Chat.
We have an average response time of 30–45 seconds for live chat. The industry average wait time is 2 minutes and 40 seconds, according to a study of live chat support by SuperOffice, which also found that 21 percent of chat support requests are simply not answered.

We typically respond within an hour for email requests. According to a SuperOffice report on email customer service, the average time for a response to customer service emails is 12 hours and 10 minutes. Even more alarming, the report found that 62 percent of companies completely ignore customer service emails.

Our reps have the knowledge and resources to resolve our customers’ challenges. Our reps understand the features and best-use applications of our solutions, which include our intelligent IT and Internet of Things and connectivity offerings as well as our Qualcomm®-backed System on Module, System on Chip and Development Kit offerings.

If customers have a challenge that goes beyond our reps’ experience, they can transition customers to our sales engineers or tech support reps.

Lantronix Won LiveHelpNow Best of 2021 Customer Service Award

Don’t take our word for it! Our customer service team recently won a LiveHelpNow Best of 2021 Award. Based on the LifeHelpNow Challenge, this award program’s winners are based on real-world customer service results and feedback. Awards are based on 12 novel metrics from 50 different criteria, including customer survey results, visitor volume, operator responsiveness and much more for a wide variety of industries.

When you contact Lantronix customer service, you can be assured that the response will be quick, and your problem will be resolved.


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