Connect Smart. Do More.

Our new tagline, or positioning statement, has been extremely well received by customers, the press, and partners.  Most of the time, the response is “Hey, that’s catchy!”  Yes, one of our criteria was hitting on something that would be memorable.  But an effective positioning statement is much more than an exercise in catchy-creativity.  It’s a matter of being strategic, and effective.  In this case, effective positioning means it’s ultimately going to help drive growth (sales).

That said, what is “positioning”?   It’s a strategy.  It’s not about your product, or your service, or even your company.  It’s about your “position” in the mind of your prospect – whether it be a prospective customer, partner, investor, or employee.  And for any company to successfully position itself, there are a few rules of the road –the new position must be:

  1. Believable – the claim is realistic;
  2. Defendable – it matches our capabilities and we have proof points to support it;
  3. Ownable – nobody in the market currently owns that position;
  4. Actionable – it’s aligned with your business strategy and objectives;
  5. Distinctive – it can help you cut through the clutter.

As we enter calendar 2011, a key driver in achieving our growth objectives and increasing shareholder value is our refined positioning – built upon a strategic, coherent, FOCUSED messaging platform and strategy.  In short – delivering the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.  It’s only through consistency and frequency of message that you can build brand awareness and ultimately brand preference and purchase.

Our new tagline – Connect Smart. Do More. – sums up our value proposition to the market.  Above and beyond any of our competition, we provide “smart connectivity.  Lantronix solutions let you do more.  And “do more” is the reason you should care about smart connectivity.

Lofty?  Perhaps.  But the best brands don’t aim for tomorrow or next week.  They look years out, establish their end state vision, and march toward it.  Our customers have asked for connectivity solutions that go beyond mere connectivity, and beyond just M2M.   They want solutions, not just products, that make new revenue streams possible, save money, and allow them to allocate resources more effectively.  And that’s our value-add – with Lantronix, you can connect smart, and do more.