Lantronix has the most complete out-of-band portfolio

Lantronix has the out-of-band you need, with multiple product families for remote access tailored to fit applications from global enterprise networks to a single IDF. Choose the out-of-band that meets your management needs from advanced network automation to traditional secure console access. 

Multiple product families for remote access tailored to your needs

Explore our expanded line of OOB products: from the LM-Series enterprise platform for automation, security, and managed device density to the SLC 8000 for cost effective console access. For smaller installations, the EMG and Spider products provide reliable remote access to network devices and servers.

Data Center Solutions – LM83X
The LM83X is a modular platform designed to act independently from the network to remotely monitor, manage and control up to 104 devices including a managed power supply.
Data Center Solutions – SLC 8000
Advanced modular console manager that provides secure access to IT equipment with RS-232 and USB console, while minimizing deployment headaches and time.
Branch Office / Remote – LM80
Compact platform designed to act independently from the network to remotely monitor, manage and control up to eight devices including a managed power supply
Branch Office / Remote – EMG
Edge solution for branch offices, remote locations, retail stores where small port count, and integrated cellular connectivity are ideal at a cost-effective price.
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Discover Advanced Out-of-Band (OOB) Solutions

Lantronix has the LM-Series for the most advanced network automation and security available in an out-of-band product:
  • Proactively and persistently monitor network infrastructure through a direct connection.
  • Automate actions that match your run book and are data-driven.
  • Centralized management of your out-of-band deployment is available through both cloud-based and on-premise options.

Flexible, Secure Remote Access

Access your network infrastructure whether the network is up or down. Modular OOB choices provide connectivity options available on the same device without having to switch models. Add to this Lantronix Connectivity Services to simplify out-of-band over cellular modems.

Lantronix has the team to make your out-of-band deployment successful!

Technical Support 24x7x365

Lantronix customers have access to a variety of support resources, including self-help knowledge bases and documentation through the Lantronix Support site, plus phone and e-mail support for troubleshooting or configuration assistance with experienced technicians. You’ll be successful from design to deployment and through the product lifecycle.

We care about your success.

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