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Recent Articles

Electronic SpecifierBetter monitoring & management of IoT Infrastructure
— by Electronic Specifier [Mar. 13 2015]

MarketwiredKonica Minolta Grows Mobile Print Solutions With Lantronix xPrintServer
— by Marketwired [Jan. 6 2015]

TMCnet.com VideosKurt Busch TMCnet Interview – Live at InterOp 2014
— by TMCnet.com [Oct. 3 2014]

The TelegraphThe Daily Telegraph – xPrintServer is a Top 5 Must Have Travel Gadget!
— by The Telegraph [Sep. 26 2014]

Media PlanetThe Importance of Print in the Digital Classroom
— by Media Planet [Sep. 13 2014]

The Test PitxPrintServer Cloud Print is just the kind of gadget we love!
— by The Test Pit [Aug. 7 2014]

TechGuyLabs.com / The Tech GuyxPrintServer Named Product of the Week!
— by The Tech Guy / TechGuyLabs [Jul. 22 2014]

TweakTownTweakTown reviews SLB: Wins "Best Features" Award!
— by TweakTown [Jul. 22 2014]

Mobile EnterprisexPrintServer Named Mobile Tool of the Month!
— by Mobile Enterprise [Jul. 8 2014]

Network WorldNetwork World Names xPico Wi-Fi as Product of the Week
— by Network World [Jun. 2 2014]

WINMAG ProxPrintServer Cloud Print Product Review EMEA: 8.3 out of 10
— by WINMAG Pro [Apr. 16 2014]

Promevo - To The Cloud and Beyond"xPrintServer: Solving Google Cloud Print Headaches in 3 Easy Steps"
— by Promevo [Apr. 22 2014]

Gadget SpeakxPrintServer Cloud Print Edition - "A Wide Ranging Print Solution"
— by Gadget Speak [Apr. 8 2014]

InfoWorld"If you want to Cloud Print-enable your printers, the xPrintServer is a great way to do it!"
— by InfoWorld [Feb. 28 2014]

TechRadarTechRadar gives xPrintServer Office Edition 4.5 of 5 Star Rating
— by TechRadar [Aug. 28 2013]

Bites of Apple"Nothing could be simpler for iPad and iPhone Printing"
— by Bites of Apple [Jul. 28 2013]

the gadgeteer"xPrintServer is now a welcome addition to my network!"
— by The Gadgeteer [Jul. 23 2013]

Business Intelligence in M2M
— by Connect Europe [May 2013]

EEWeb - Electrical Engineering CommunityLantronix CEO Kurt Busch Feature Story in EEWeb’s Pulse Magazine
— by EEWeb [Feb. 2013]

engineering tvxPrintServer Live Demo – Engineering TV at CES 2013
— by Engineering TV [Jan. 17, 2013]

Alpha MicroLantronix launches the xSenso analogue device server for connecting remote analogue sensors
— by Alpha Micro [Jan. 11, 2013]

PR NewswireAxeda Gives Customers More Choice with New Axeda Ready Devices
— by PR Newswire [Jan. 7, 2013]

148Apps“For a hundred bucks, there’s no way to go wrong with this magical device. Buy it, plug it in, print. The end.”
— by 148Apps [Nov. 14, 2012]

GIGAOM“With xPrintServer, print from iPhone or iPad to almost any printer”
— by GIGAOM [Nov. 6, 2012]

Business Insider“Make iOS Printing a Snap with xPrintServer”
— by Business Insider [Nov. 2, 2012]

TWiTTWiT: iPad Today Episode #122 (xPrintServer Home Review)
— by TWiT [Nov. 1, 2012]

GearDiaryxPrintServer Home Edition Review
— by GearDiary [Oct. 23, 2012]

MobileTraxMobileTrax: xPrintServer Makes it Insanely Easy to Print!
— by MobileTrax [Aug. 22, 2012]

Ars TechnicaArs Technica reviews xPrintServer - "Dead simple for home use!"
— by Ars Technica [Aug. 18, 2012]

IDC - Analyze the Future“IDC Features Lantronix in New Research Paper: Mobile Printing Landscape 2012”
— by IDC [Aug. 2012]

iPhoneLife“This is a brilliant piece of technology”
— by iPhoneLife [Aug. 9, 2012]

The New York Times“Seldom do plug-and-play devices live up to the name. The xPrintServer from Lantronix may be the exception”
— by New York Times / Gadgetwise [Aug. 9, 2012]

iLounge“It’s simple to set up, helps users of both wired and wireless premium printers, and does exactly what it purports to do.”
— by iLounge [Aug. 9, 2012]

InfoWorld - Mobile“xPrintServer: 9.1 out of 10 = Excellent”
— by InfoWorld [Aug. 8, 2012]

Past Articles

UK's Register: xPrintServer - AirPrint for Grown-ups
— by Register Hardware [2/20/12]
Register Hardware
a Review of The XPrintServer (Listen to Review!)
— by SeroTalk [2/15/12]
xPrintServer 5 stars by Tab Times
— by Tab Times [2/7/12]
Tab Times
GigaOM: Awards xPrintServer Among Top Gadgets at Macworld | iWorld 2012
— by GigaOM [1/31/12]
xPrintServer wins "Best-in-Show" at Macworld!
— by MacWorld [1/27/12]
Network World reviews xPrintServer: 5 out of 5 Rating!
— by Network World [1/19/12]
Network World
TUAW reviews xPrintServer: “You’re going to love this product!”
— by The Unofficial Apple Weblog [1/13/12]
TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog
Engadget CES: Lantronix xPrintserver mobile printing system hands-on (video)
— by engadget [1/10/12]
xPrintServer Makes Top 25 Must See Products at CES 2012
— by CRN Magazine [1/6/12]
CRN Magazine
InfoWorld Reviews xPrintServer:
“Need to print from iOS? Look no further!”

— by InfoWorld [1/5/12]
Lantronix relocates its console server manufacturing to U.S.
— by EE Herald [11/18/11]
EE Herald
Tech firm moves production from Asia to San Marcos
— by The San Diego Union Tribune [11/17/11]
The San Diego Union Tribune
Lantronix – The freedom of wireless – Part four (conclusion) – Embedding the right technology partner
— by electropages [11/16/11]
Lantronix – The freedom of wireless – Part three – Bringing your wireless up to standard
— by electropages [11/9/11]
Lantronix – The freedom of wireless – Part two – Wireless in the real world (Healthcare Wireless)
— by electropages [10/24/11]
Lantronix – The freedom of wireless – Part one – Why go wireless ?
— by electropages [10/19/11]
Appointment of Jeremy Whitaker
— by OC Register [10/17/11]
The Orange County Register
Lantronix Names New CFO
— by socaltech.com [9/26/11]
And the winners are...
— by Electronic Product Design [9/20/11]
Electronic Product Design
Time for clinical engineers to take the lead on interoperability
— by CMIO [9/12/11]
Lantronix and Timesys Launch Next Generation device server
— by Government Security News [8/29/11]
GSN: Government Security News
Kurt Busch to join Lantronix as CEO
— by TelecomLead [8/24/11]
Telecom Lead
Quadlogic selects Lantronix's UDS1100 Ethernet device server
— by EE Herald [8/22/11]
EE Herald
Quadlogic selects Lantronix energy management technology
— by Energy Business Review [8/19/11]
EBR - Energy Business Review
Lantronix to supply Ethernet device servers to Quadlogic
— by Automation.com [8/18/11]
Lantronix Selects Quadlogic’s Power Line Communications Metering Technology
— by SmartGridElectronics [8/19/11]
Smart Grid Eletronics.Net
Quadlogic, Lantronix PLC to allow better energy management for utilities
— by FierceEnergy [8/19/11]
Quadlogic selects Lantronix's UDS1100 Ethernet device server
— by Renew Grid [8/18/11]
Renew Grid
Ethernet device server enables serial-to-Ethernet conversion
— by ECN [8/18/11]
Lantronix Chosen to Network-Enable Quadlogic’s Power Line Communications Metering Technology
— by EE Journal [8/18/11]
EE Journal
Lantronix e-commerce solution
— by Zippy Cart [8/4/11]
Zippy Cart
Lantronix, Inc. Continues Creating New Products
— by World Market Media [7/25/11]
World Market Media
Linux-based wireless device server from Lantronix comes with dev. Platform
— by EE Herald [7/25/11]
EE Herald
Linux-Based Wireless Device Server
— by ECN [7/21/11]
Tiny Wi-Fi device server ships with Linux SDK
— by Linux Devices [7/21/11]
Linux Devices
Linux-Based Wireless Device Server
— by Medical Design Technology [7/21/11]
Medical Design Technology
CFM Deploys Lantronix's EDS2100, Creates
IP-to-Serial Connections

— by infoTECH Spotlight [7/15/11]
infoTECH Spotlight
Thinking about smart grid intelligence
— by PowerGrid International [5/1/11]
PowerGrid International
Orange County Business Journal: Lantronix, the Cloud, and Emerging Trends
— by Orange County Business Journal [5/29/11]
Orange County Business Journal
CARMA Industries Chooses Lantronix AccessMyDevice
— by Sensors Magazine [4/19/11]
Window IT Pro: 4 of 5 Stars for AccessMyDevice
and Spider Duo

— by Windows IT Pro [4/18/11]
Windows IT Pro
Lantronix distributor merges
— by CRN [3/24/11]
CRN - Connecting The Australian Channel
Lantronix XPress comms converter tested
— by ARUN Control Systems [3/21/11]
ARUN Control Systems
Lantronix XPort tested
— by qsl.net [3/15/11]
The Mode-S Beast
Lantronix PremierWave EN launch
— by EPN [3/15/11]
EPN - Electrnonic Product News
Lantronix PremierWave EN launch
— by LinuxForDevices [2/10/11]
Linux for Devices
Lantronix PremierWave EN launch
— by linux today [2/9/11]
linux today
Lantronix Evolution OS 5.2 launch
— by ECN [2/7/11]
Lantronix Evolution OS update
— by Automation.com [2/7/11]
Use of Lantronix server outlined
— by Ebbmar [2/6/11]
Ebbmar, Because I Am
Lantronix recommendation of the DHS to LVHN
— by ARPCI [2/2/11]
Lantronix device used to extend ATMS in LA
— by Industrial Wireless Book [1/26/11]
industrial wireless book
Lantronix elects Larry Sanders as chairman
— by Orange County Business Journal [1/17/11]
Orange County Business Journal
Lantronix chip with TCP / IP integration recommended
— by Electronics-Tech.com [1/14/11]
Lantronix Elects Larry Sanders As Chairman - Quick Facts
— by RTTNews [1/4/11]
RTT News

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