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HQ Building PhotoLantronix, Inc. (NASDAQ: LTRX) is a specialized networking company providing M2M (machine to machine) and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions.  Our products deliver secure connectivity, device management and mobility for today's increasingly connected world.  By networking and managing devices and machines that have never before been connected, we enable our customers to realize the possibilities of the Internet of Things.  Founded in 1989, Lantronix pioneers robust, intelligent and easy to deploy solutions for mission critical applications in a wide range of industries, including data center, medical, security, industrial, transportation, retail, financial and government.  Lantronix is headquartered in Irvine, California, with offices in Europe, Asia and Japan.  For more information, visit www.lantronix.com.

Learn more at the Lantronix blog, www.lantronix.com/blog, featuring industry discussion and updates.  To follow Lantronix on Twitter, please visit www.twitter.com/Lantronix.  View our video library on YouTube at www.youtube.com/user/LantronixInc or connect with us on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/company/lantronix.

Timeline of Innovation


Lantronix announces Python support for Company's Intelligent Device Software Platform – Starting with its PremierWave® family of Intelligent Gateways.  Support for the industry's most popular programming language, combined with ruggedized Lantronix Intelligent Gateways enables rapid development and deployment of secure IoT applications. To support customers and Python hobbyists, the Company launched a new developers' wiki to provide downloadable sample scripts, instructions, and a platform for community sharing and collaboration. 

In support of its award-winning xPico family, the Company announced the xPico Wi-Fi SMT – whose new capabilities simplify Wi-Fi integration for large scale IoT applications, while simultaneously enabling mobile device access to machines.  The new SMT version is a certified, compact Wi-Fi surface mount module which enables quick and easy serial-to-Wi-Fi connectivity – critical to the needs of OEM design engineers and developers looking to develop IoT applications and solutions, in particular those requiring direct access to device data via smartphone, tablets, and connected PCs.  And for those looking to add Wi-Fi to existing or new Raspberry Pi applications, the company also announced an xPico® Wi-Fi Pi Plate expansion board – which enables the easy integration of the Lantronix xPico Wi-Fi device server with the popular Raspberry Pi single board computer.

One of the major milestones of calendar year 2014 was the launch of the new SLC 8000.  This groundbreaking console manager enables IT professionals in Fortune 500 organizations and test labs of any size to remotely manage, monitor and troubleshoot IT equipment – and it's the industry's first modular console manager.  Designed to reduce deployment and management costs and time by providing secure, centralized out-of-band management to most IT equipment, the new SLC 8000 can be expanded from eight to 48 ports.  In a typical deployment, each port would manage one piece of IT equipment such as a switch, router, or server.  This modular design makes the SLC 8000 the first of its kind, allowing users to simply add or swap modules to expand device port density and power supply, or introduce new interfaces such as USB. 

Lantronix has a history of supporting the education industry.  And in August of 2014, the Company rallied around the "Digital Classroom" with the launch of its new Print and Learn (PAL) Program.  In partnership with the National Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), the Company set out to helps schools and universities get the most out of mobile devices by providing discounts, programs, and social media outlets to support mobile printing via its award-winning xPrintServer product family.

In March of 2014, the Company solidified its place as a leader in mobile printing by bolstering its product line with the new xPrintServer Cloud Print Edition – the first and only Google Cloud Print-Certified mobile printing solution for businesses.  Enabling secure enterprise-wide cloud printing, the newest xPrintServer enables a user's supported printers to print using cloud print technology from Android OS mobile devices, as well as any device running Google's Chrome browser and Chrome operating system (ChromeOS). 


Announces Wyless partnership to deliver robust cellular technology and turnkey solutions into the global cellular market. With this new partnership, Lantronix' customers can fast track their cellular M2M application development.

Lantronix announces the next-generation Lantronix® SLB (Secure Lantronix Branch office manager)™, a significant upgrade to the company's existing integrated secure console server including critical features such as emote power management. The new SLB enables IT administrators to securely manage remote servers and IT infrastructure equipment quickly and easily over the internet.

Introduces Lantronix® xSenso™ Controller – the newest member of its xSenso analog sensor networking family, designed specifically for use in rugged and harsh environments including industrial automation, process control, manufacturing, chemicals, oil and gas industries, and many more.

Lantronix launches the xPico™ Wi-Fi®, one of the world's most flexible Wi-Fi® device servers. xPico Wi-Fi is a pin and form factor compatible state-of-the-art member of the xPico family, providing low power, simultaneous Soft AP and client mode, full IP and WLAN stacks, complete device server application and industry best 5-year warranty.


Lantronix announces the xPrintServer® Office Edition, the next-generation version of the company's award-winning xPrintServer – Network Edition. This plug-and-print hardware solution comes with a wide range of robust features to support mobile printing throughout the enterprise. Designed in close collaboration with our enterprise customers, the new Office Edition addresses the challenges faced by IT departments on how to identify, deploy and manage iOS device printing throughout the extended organization.

Introduces its new vSLM™ – the Virtual Secure Lantronix Management Appliance – the new software version of the company's award-winning SLM Family, is a 'master control center' designed to seamlessly integrate and manage IT (information technology) equipment anywhere in the enterprise with just a few mouse clicks.

Lantronix announces the PremierWave® XC - a unique, hybrid GSM/GPRS and Ethernet dual-port serial device server with enterprise level security that allows safe and secure remote access to, and management of, virtually any serial device via a GSM/GPRS or Ethernet network.

Lantronix launches xPrintServer Home Edition - a follow-on product to the hugely popular Network Edition of the xPrintServer .The xPrintServer Home Edition is designed specifically for home use by consumers wishing to print from their iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch to a USB or network printer.

Introduces the xPico, the world’s smallest embedded device server that can be utilized in designs typically intended for chip solutions. With its embedded device server application, Web server, and full IP stack, xPico allows seamless remote access to device data – simplifying the design integration process and providing robust connectivity.

Introduces the PremierWave XN, the next generation device server in the award-winning PremierWave family.  Roughly the size of a standard deck of playing cards, PremierWave XN is an 802.11n dual-band, multi-port serial device server, offering both WiFi and Ethernet connectivity – enabling remote access and easy management of devices or equipment over the network and across the Internet. 

Lantronix xPrintServer Network Edition is named a winner of the Macworld Best of Show Award, receives The Mac Observer Editors Choice Award, and is named winner of the Engadget Editors’ Choice Peripheral of The Year Award (2011).

Introduces the xPrintServer Network Edition, the first external print server that allows iPads®, iPhones®, iPod® Touch, and virtually any device running Apple’s iOS® mobile operating system to print wirelessly to virtually any networked printer. Roughly the size of an iPhone, the xPrintServer-Network Edition is an easy-to-use hardware solution that utilizes the iOS native print menu and requires no additional applications, software downloads, or printer driver installations.

Introduces the EDS-MD™, a next generation medical device aggregator, based on the award-winning EDS product family. Developed specifically for the medical industry, EDS-MD facilitates the secure access and management of medical devices in hospitals, laboratories, and other healthcare environments.

Lantronix is named to Connected World magazine's "2012 CW 100," a prestigious list of the most innovative providers of M2M technology and connected devices.

Wins the "Contribution to Security" award at the 5th Annual e-Legacy awards. The award, compliments Lantronix industry-leading status as an innovator that provides solutions designed to simplify and enhance security for companies of any size.

Lantronix launches eCommerce store providing a vehicle for easier and faster sales and customer service while also streamlining the order and fulfillment processes.

Introduces the PremierWave EN embedded Linux wireless device server. The module allows design engineers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to easily add intelligent, wireless Ethernet networking to any device.


Introduces the MatchPort® NR, the newest addition to the popular MatchPort family of device servers. Pin-for-pin and form factor compatible with the MatchPort wireless device server, the MatchPort NR allows customers to easily configure their products for wired or wireless connectivity with the swap of a module.

Wins EDN Magazine's 20th Annual Innovation Awards for the XPort Pro Linux Networking Server in the Embedded-System Technology category.


Lantronix introduces the XPort® Pro, the world’s smallest Linux networking server.

Introduces the SpiderDuo, a new addition to the Spider family of KVM (keyboard, video, mouse)-over-IP solutions. The IPv6-certified SpiderDuo is a compact device that provides secure, real-time control of GUI-based computers, servers and other equipment from virtually anywhere via the Internet.

Ships 2 millionth XPort®, the original fully-integrated embedded networking server.

Introduces the Evolution Device/Terminal Server products, the 8- and 16-port EDSPS. Using industry-standard management tools, the multiport device servers allow serial equipment, such as medical devices, kiosks and retail terminals, to be accessed and managed via the Internet.

Enters the Remote Product Services (RPS) business with ManageLinx™, a powerful platform for application services that serves as the foundation for AccessMyDevice™, the intelligent machine-to-machine (M2M) platform for remote device access, monitoring and management.
Introduces IntelliBox®-I/O, the industry’s first-fully programmable external device server which automates the task of managing remote equipment and associated reporting.

Lantronix enters the Distributed IT market with the Lantronix Spider, a remote server management solution specifically dedicated for remote/branch office environments.

Introduces the UBox 2100, the first USB-to-Ethernet device server to support the USB isochronous data transfer standard.
Introduces the EDS4100, the first data center grade device server to enable IT administrators to connect non-traditional IT equipment to corporate networks with the same protocols used to connect traditional networking equipment.
Introduces the most secure device servers and console servers on the market with NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)-certified implementation of 128-256 bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standards) encryption.
Introduced the WiPort®, an 802.11 wireless device server.
Introduced the XPort®, the first fully integrated embedded device server.
Introduced a line of industrial-grade device servers, which offers industrial-specific protocols.
Introduced the first secure console server, and coined the term.
Introduced the first integrated, board-level embedded device server.
Introduced the first single-port external device server, which quickly became the industry standard.
Entered the print server market with a single-port solution.
Company founded in Irvine, California.

Lantronix in the Community

Lantronix is dedicated to helping its community through company programs and other charity-sponsored events.

Lantronix in the CommunityIn 2008, Lantronix started TLC (Team Lantronix Cares) to create opportunities to benefit the community and local charities. TLC organizes events such as blood drives, chili cook-offs, backyard BBQs, food drives and an afternoon helping the community. Since 2008, Lantronix has helped several local charities including:

  • Japan Relief
  • South County Outreach
  • The Salvation Army – Adopt a Family Program
  • Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County
  • Music for a Cure
  • Newport Beach Back Bay
  • Gift of Sight
  • Mary’s Shelter
  • Working Wardrobes
  • American Red Cross
  • Irvine Animal Care Center
  • Friends of Read Orange County
  • Families Forward

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