Lantronix EOL Policy


Lantronix products and services have a well-defined product lifecycle. All products reach their end of life (EOL or end-of-life). A Lantronix product or service may enter the end-of-life process for several reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Market trends and customer demand
  • More technologically advanced components or products availability
  • Component availability

When a Lantronix product or service is in the process of being discontinued, it is formally announced on the Lantronix website in the Technical Resource Center six months prior to its End-of-Sale date. The discontinued product or service is removed from the priced list and are no longer available for purchase after the End of Sale date. This end-of-life announcement lists the milestones for Lantronix products and/or services that are in the process of being discontinued.

Lantronix Lifecycle Milestones 

End-of-Life Announcement Date

The date on which Lantronix announces to the public the End-of-Sale and End-of-Life dates for a Lantronix product and/or service.

End-of-Sale Date

The last date to order and ship the product/service through Lantronix Channel Partners (typically six months after the End-of-Life Announcement date).

End-of-Software Release 

In general, IoT external gateways, Remote Environment Management, and Networking product software releases will continue through the supported life of the product and up until the last date of support; however, due to technical limitations or other limiting factors, and at the sole discretion of Lantronix, devices may stop receiving software updates following the End-of-Sale date but prior to last date of support.


Last Date of Support (End-of-Life)

The date through which Lantronix supports the specified product and/or service, which includes the limited lifetime warranty and technical support which is typically five years after the End-of-Sale date. A ConsoleFlow or LEVEL Technical Services subscription is required to remain current during the five years to the last date of support.


End-of-Life Products and Services 

For a comprehensive list of EOL products and services, refer to the Lantronix Technical Resource Center under product notifications.


Accessories that are used with an endpoint that is announced End-of-Life, will follow the endpoint’s lifecycle, sharing an End-of-Sale date. Accessories do not have a Last Date of Support. At Lantronix’ discretion, accessories that require revisions, may change on the Lantronix Price Book without notification.

Technical Support 

Lantronix provides support for LEVEL Technical Services, ConsoleFlow, and software for a duration of five (5) years after the End-of-Sale date for customers with a current ConsoleFlow or LEVEL Service subscriptions or until the end of the applicable subscription of license(s) of the subscription.

Customers must have a current and fully paid subscription to a ConsoleFlow or LEVEL Technical Services subscription to access the LEVEL Technical Support and the Support Team for technical assistance.

NOTE: These policy guidelines are subject to change by Lantronix without notice.