December 11, 2014

IoT-Enabling Legacy Communications System Without Reinventing the Wheel


The customer – leading provider of power line communications metering technology. The company’s digital submetering systems are in use in high-rise office, residential, commercial, and industrial facilities across the U.S. and Canada. In the face of rising energy costs, deregulated markets and complex energy pricing, the data provided by the company’s metering systems is critical to an organization’s energy management decisions.

The company’s patented power line communications technology utilizes a building’s existing power lines to transmit metered data, so no additional wiring or meter readers are required. When the system was first developed more than 25 years ago, it used a serial device via a telephone modem to enable communications with the outside world. As technology advanced and customer preference shifted from telephone service to Internet, the ability to offer network-enabled metering technology became an imperative if the company was to remain competitive. The decision was made to integrate the capability into its next-generation power line communications system. Could Lantronix® provide a quick, convenient and reliable way to network-enable the company’s metering equipment?

Key Requirements:

- Network enable its metering equipment for remote monitoring
- Ability to network equipment not currently connected to a network
- Solution must be scalable, reliable and cost-effective
- Ease of deployment is critical to ensure minimal downtime

The Solution: Lantronix UDS1100 External Device Servers

The company reviewed several competing Ethernet device servers extensively before selecting the Lantronix UDS1100 for its conversion needs. This single port external device server is a quick, simple and economical way to bring the advantages of remote management to equipment not currently connected to a network. With the UDS1100, virtually any piece of equipment can be added to an Ethernet network in a matter of minutes, with support for RS232, RS422 and RS485 communications.

The Lantronix UDS1100 was more configurable and allowed for more protocols than competitors at the same price level. The UDS1100’s built-in web server enables the company to access and configure the device from a standard web browser using Lantronix’s development tools to easily customize the product for unique applications.

Lantronix UDS1100 Application: Network Enable Metering Equipment



- Enables remote access, monitoring and control of its metering technology
- Ease of integration – more reliable communication with existing system
- Faster connection allowing for quicker data transfer speeds
- Cost effective – dramatically reduced support costs
- Achieved its top goal of more satisfied customers

IMG_uds1100_medAbout the Lantronix UDS1100 External Device Server

The UDS family of device servers provides a hassle-free and inexpensive way to add Ethernet connectivity to virtually any device with a serial interface. Designed from the ground up with ease-of-use in mind, each member of the UDS family enables users to connect to, monitor, and control their equipment from practically anywhere via a network or the Internet.

Lantronix UDS1100 Key Benefits:

- Provides a simple and cost effective serial-to-Ethernet connectivity solution for virtually any device with an RS-232/422/485 serial interface
- Delivers flexible power configurations eliminating the need for costly power converters
- Simplifies deployment with a tightly integrated, proven form factor rated for use under harsh conditions
- Enables interoperability with a versatile collection of ready-to-use networking protocols
- Provides new business intelligence from network-enabled equipment

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