MatchPort AR Linux Software Development Kit
Phase Out-NRFND

Embedded Linux Networking Solutions

  • Provides a robust development environment using industry standard Linux software tools combined with well known GNU toolchains
  • Improves the ease and flexibility of application development—shortening time-to-market
  • Allows you to leverage the knowledge of a well established Linux development community
  • Simplifies the complicated and time consuming process of custom development on Linux-based platforms
  • Integrated with our small, proven, and very powerful hardware module

MatchPort AR Linux Software Development Kit Overview

A Highly Secure Linux Development Solution for Affordable Device Networking Connectivity

The MatchPort® AR Linux Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) is a highly-integrated embedded hardware and software suite that allows Linux developers to easily create value-added applications on Lantronix’ small yet powerful embedded networking module. Built on the stable 2.6 Linux kernel, the SDK includes all the components you require for building secure network enabled products using the Linux OS.

In addition to the proven MatchPort AR secure networking module, the SDK provides a validated set of Linux-based applications, an extensive software library, a board support package (BSP) and device drivers which allow you to quickly create a custom tailored finished product. Included with standard GNU toolchains, you can easily integrate your applications using pre-defined configuration profiles and software assembly tools. Sample applications are also provided within the SDK allowing you to jump-start your application development and accelerate time-to-market.

With the MatchPort AR Linux SDK, you can leverage the growing demand for Linux-based products without the usual hassle of doing all the groundwork.

MatchPort AR Linux Software Development Kit Tech Specs

Supported Hardware

  • MatchPort AR

Host Development Platforms Supported

  • Ubuntu 8.04
  • Ubuntu 8.10
  • Fedora 6
  • Fedora 9
  • Debian 4.0r4

(There are minimal dependencies on the host Linux distribution.)


Code Sourcery G++ 4.3-45 Lite Edition provides the entire GNU Toolchain – C/C++ compilers, a flexible assembler, a powerful linker, runtime libraries, and a source and assembly-level debugger.

Toolchain component versions:

  • gcc 4.3.2
  • gdb 6.8.50
  • binutils 2.18.50
  • uClibc 0.9.29


  • Kernel version 2.6.26
  • Based on uClinux Distribution (20080808)

Device Drivers

  • Ethernet
  • Serial RS-232 and RS-485
  • Configurable Pins Manager
  • MTD (Flash support)
  • Watchdog

Applications and Libraries

  • BusyBox v1.13.2 – shell and various Linux utilities
  • Boa v0.94.14RC21 – web server
  • Dropbear v0.52 – compact SSH client and server
  • inetd – Network Server
  • telnetd – Telnet Server
  • ftpd v1.4.1 – FTP Server
  • dhcpcd v1.3.20 – DHCP Client
  • mii-tool v1.9.1.1 – Ethernet Configuration Tool

File Systems

  • ROMFS – space efficient read-only filesystem
  • JFFS2 – Journaling Flash File System version 2. Supports flash wear leveling and helps prevent corruption from power failures
  • NFS – Network File System
  • AUFS – layering File System – allows easy separation of applications and their configuration files

Debugging and Testing

  • gdbserver – for remote debugging
  • iperf v2.0.4 – network performance testing
  • tcpdump v3.9.8 – network packet sniffer

Available Lantronix Applications

  • Software upgrade utility
  • Failure Recovery Framework – Solves the maintenance and deployment issues of devices in the field by allowing recovery of failed devices to a known good state over the network. This provides an additional layer of robustness for applications deployed on MatchPort AR.

Provided Sample Programs

  • CP Manager – GPIO control
  • Serial to Ethernet (s2e) – serial tunneling over the network

MatchPort AR Linux Software Development Kit Downloads

Lantronix Part # Name Description Order Now
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Lantronix Part #

Sample of MatchPort AR w/ 8MB of Flash w/ Linux OS

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Lantronix Part #

Bulk of MatchPort AR w/ 8MB of Flash w/ Linux OS

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Lantronix Part #

MatchPort AR Linux Development Kit (without BDM Debugger Connector):
CD includes: Linux SDK, User Guide, Integration Guide, Quick Start Guide, CodeSourcery Sourcery G++ Light Edition
MatchPort AR w/ 8MB Flash without BDM connector
MatchPort demo board
RS-232 cable, DB9F, null modem
Cat5e UTP RJ45M/M Ethernet cable
3.3V power supply

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Lantronix Part #

MatchPort AR Linux Development Kit (with BDM Debugger Connector):
Same items as in MPDK1000-LNX-01 Kit plus MatchPort AR w/ 8MB Flash with BDM connector

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Lantronix Part #

P&E M icro-computer systems USB Multilink Debugger

Note: P&E Micro-computer system USB Multilink Debugger (930-060-R) must be ordered separately for the MPDK1000-LNX-02 kit.

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