Where is Wireless Headed?

An article from IT World Canada a few weeks back revealed predictions from Ericsson, saying that ‘in 20 years, 50 billion devices will be connected to networks, many of them wirelessly’. “When you walk around, you encounter various non-computing devices, such as door openers, soap dispensers, security cameras and thermostats,” said Dragan Nerandzic, chief technology officer of Ericcson Canada Inc. “All microprocessors that are not connected today will be connected in the future,” Nerandzic said in a speech Friday at the Toronto Board of Trade. “As a consequence, the number of connections will be in the tens of billions.”

This vision was repeated by Ericcson CEO, Hans Vestberg this week in a story by Fortune. We see this connectivity “explosion” happening as we speak and shares a similar vision with Nerandzic, Vestberg and Ericsson. The idea of an Internet of Things is quickly becoming a reality. Lantronix is working on ways to combine connectivity with computing power, giving our customers a single platform to handle all tasks. We also are working on interesting ways for devices to not only connect but to share information for real-time results.  Based on the strong demand for our wireless products, it is clear that the previous hesitancy around wireless has been solved with much improved security and authentication combined with excellent bandwidth and added spectrum.