Can you connect your socks to the internet?

The New York Times recently wrote an article about “the internet of things”. While the title of the post may seem silly, the New York Times believes it is only a matter of time before things we never imagined will be connected. The post discusses current technology advances, explaining “car manufacturers are trying to integrate autonomous decision making into cars of the future that could detect imminent collisions and take evasive action at speeds vastly quicker than a human. Some car companies are also experimenting with automotive autopilots in cars that are networked together and can avoid phantom traffic jams or take over from the driver at a moment’s notice.”

One point that the article touches on that is very important to Lantronix is the issue of security. We strive to empower our connectivity products with the latest security standards and rigorously test them for robustness. The last thing you want is your personal info being ‘invaded’.

For me, no matter where I am, being able to check out who’s at the door when the doorbell rings is a great use of the web. What novel item would you like to have connected?