Phi, your face and Lantronix products

Divina proportion

Have you ever heard of the “Golden Ratio”?  It’s the name given when the ratio between two dimensions equals approximately 1.618 (or for you mathematicians  The Golden Ratio math problem) . Example: a rectangle that is 3 inches by 4.85 inches (don’t 3 x 5 cards just seem perfect?).  More recently it has been represented by the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet phi, ϕ (sounds like fi in “fee-fi-fo-fum”). For over 2000 years, people have been fascinated by this ratio; it shows up in nature, including plants and according to Luca Pacioli back in the 15th century, the human face.  It is generally thought to be a very aesthetically appealing ratio and has been used in architecture and art for centuries.  Some of Lantronix’ good-looking products are close to the golden ratio.  Coincidence?

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Parthenon Golden Ratio

Parthenon Golden Ratio