Lantronix Helps Fortify the Military

For us, it’s rewarding to see our products add value for our customers. It becomes especially noteworthy when our products are used in mission-critical deployments. The work Lantronix has done with General Dynamics is a great recent example of this.

Our Lantronix Console Managers (SLCs) were provided to General Dynamics C4 Systems, which develops and integrates secure communication and information systems and technology for defense, government and select commercial customers in the United States and abroad.

The SLCs are used for the U.S. Marine Corps’ next-generation Tactical Data Network (TDN)-Data Distribution System-Modular (DDS-M), a scalable IP communications and networking system. This system connects Marines to tactical networks, no matter where in the world they are deployed. It’s imperative the TDN-DDS-M system is properly running and if something is not working properly, remote access and management is crucial.

When our products play a crucial role in the remote troubleshooting process, it’s both exciting and gratifying to see!