An Idea Whose Time Has Come: Go-to-My-Device

If you’ve spent any time in corporate America, especially in the technology industry, you’ve most likely heard of, if not used Citrix’ Go-to-My-PC or LogMeIn’s similar service.  Neither are the only game in town, but when a consumer needs to remotely access their PC or Mac, Go-to-My-PC is a proven solution.  But  what about the underserved and yet untapped market of business users looking to greatly reduce costs and streamline operations by network-enabling and accessing enterprise systems and devices?  To address these M2M needs, we’ve launched

What is it? is an Internet-based service that enables secure remote access behind firewalls to virtually any device from a web-browser or mobile device.  Very similar to the software models of Go-to-My-PC and LogMeIn, but with very important differences.

Unlike these software-based solutions, AccessMyDevice provides secure 24/7 browser-based access to virtually any machine, device, server, PC, laptop, and more – even devices and old servers not designed with networking capability.  This even includes devices located behind firewalls, regardless of operating system (Linux, Windows, Mac, or any device with KVM support). 

AccessMyDevice: BIOS-level (Boot screen, installer, and main BIOS screen) and Windows-based Screen Shots

Two of the most important differentiators are access to all systems at the BIOS-level (see screen shot images), and the ability to conduct a full system restore remotely.   Thanks to our patented technology and use of the SpiderDuo with VIP Access, users aren’t limited by a software-based solution residing at the operating system layer.  This is especially critical if your system crashes – with our solution, it doesn’t matter, you can still access it and resolve issues quickly and easily.

If it’s so easy, why isn’t everyone using it?   Our hope is, they soon will be!  Several of our existing customers are already reaping the benefits of the service, and with our upcoming nationwide launch in late September, we anticipate adoption to grow every day.   Device connectivity and true M2M communications are an idea whose time has come.