Extending Your Network or Adding Devices Without Re-cabling

Extending Your Network or Adding Devices Without Re-cabling

Adding wireless access points in existing networks or upgrading security and surveillance networks to incorporate IP cameras can present challenges. Often the precise location where you need service is unreachable or there is no power source available for the added device. Transition Networks’ Ethernet Extenders with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) solve these problems by allowing you to:

  • Extend networks beyond the traditional 100m Ethernet cable limitation
  • Power connected devices even when no power outlets are available
  • Accommodate increased bandwidth for enhanced services and intelligent devices at the network edge
  • Provide services in legacy buildings or historical sites having restrictions on new installations

Using your existing cable infrastructure to bring power along with data networking to cameras and other IP devices offers a cost-effective method for deployment. Our Ethernet Extender solutions are easy to use—connecting directly to your existing coax, UTP or 2-wire POTS cable that is being abandoned with the implementation of newer technologies such as digital cameras and IP phones—and can save as much as 40% on installation cost and result in faster time to service.

Transition Networks’ Ethernet over Coax Extender with PoE+ and Ethernet Over 2-Wire Extender With PoE+ are some of the most flexible products on the market. Both accept multimode and single mode fiber Ethernet inputs, as well as standard CATx Ethernet cable, transfer data at near Gigabit speeds, and provide full PoE+ power to the end device. Features such as Auto Power Reset (APR) allow simple remote rebooting of the powered device, ensuring any necessary site visits by technicians are “intelligent” truck rolls and not wasted trips due to basic power resets. A web GUI allows simple and secure access, allowing you to configure the devices for optimal use in your specific application. The extenders offer a simple plug-and-play solution, reduce network implementation time, and are a cost-effective alternative to running new CAT5/6 cable to upgrade or expand an Ethernet network.

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