August 21, 2017

Ensuring Public Safety Through Responsive IoT Seismic Monitoring


Commercial Building Vibration Detectors

The customer is a leading integrator of building instrumentation working on a custom project that needs to monitor vibrations in commercial buildings to detect ground disturbances resulting from events that may cause structural change, such as earthquakes. The customer needs alarms to be generated when building vibrations exceed a predetermined threshold for response in real-time. Data collected must also be fed to custom applications for analysis and preventative measures.

The buildings are equipped with vibration sensors which are constantly sending data over Local Area Network (LAN) for processing locally; however, an alarm needs to be sent to the proprietary cloud-based notification application via high-performance Wi-Fi if a significant disturbance is detected. Could Lantronix provide a reliable and intelligent solution that is also easy to implement and can fit within existing infrastructure?

Key Requirements:

  • Quick time to market and extensible with custom applications
  • Solution must create LAN on Ethernet side and monitor data from multiple devices via TCP connections
  • Ability to upload data via high-performance Wi-Fi connection

The Solution:
The Lantronix® SGX 5150

The Lantronix SGX 5150 IoT device gateway was implemented as a headless Linux computer loaded with custom applications. This implementation uses the SGX 5150 to create a local LAN on the Ethernet port. It then leverages built-in run time support for the Python programming language and provides necessary customization required by the customer’s application to receive data from the Ethernet devices and parse it. When the data exceeds the programmed threshold, an HTTP connection is made to a cloud server to send an alarm to users anywhere and anytime.

Lantronix SGX 5150+: Intelligent Commercial Building Vibration Monitoring


  • Quick deployment of custom application with Python program
  • Increased wireless speed, improved reliability and extended transmission range with dual-band (2.4/5 GHz) 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Data available to business users anywhere in the world

About the Lantronix SGX 5150

High-Performance Wi-Fi + IoT Device Gateway and Application Server

Lantronix SGX 5150 is a next generation IoT device gateway that allows you to connect your business-critical assets and data securely to your enterprise network. Its advanced turnkey design provides everything you need for secure wireless-connectivity. 

SGX 5150 Key Benefits:

  • Easily configure and connect to the enterprise network, out-of-the-box
  • Unique Device ID feature allows you to make your device visible to authorized users
  • Linux SDK and Python runtime services allow quick development and deployment of custom apps
  • Experience the Lantronix industrial design quality and reliability
  • Wi-Fi® and Ethernet Connectivity

Learn More about the SGX 5150

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