8-Slot Point System Chassis: End of Life Notice

Posted in : End of Life Notices

Product: 8-Slot Point System Chassis

Reason for Update: End of Life Notice

Description: 8-Slot Point System Chassis are going obsolete; orders will be accepted through March 31, 2018, or while supplies last.

Replacement Product: Replacement product can be found in The ION Platform. While the ION is not a direct replacement, the new platform offers similar functionality along with enhanced management capabilities. The ION Platform uses its own set of chassis’, power supplies, management modules, and media converter slide-in-cards. The ION chassis does support the use of Point System cards via the IONADP adapter. For further help with your ION configuration, please contact your Transition Networks sales representative. Listed below are the options for
replacement product and their descriptions.

Resources: 8-Slot Point System Chassis End of Life Notice