Remote Environment Management Helps Reduce Security Costs of On-Site Visitors in Your Data Center

Increase Security, Reduce Footfall, Save Money, Decrease Risk and Increase Customer Satisfaction 

According to Research and Markets, the global data center market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of more than 2 percent during the period 2019–2025. In the U.S. alone, the data center market is expected to reach revenues of more than $69 billion by 2024.

With data center growth driven by the Internet of Things and cloud storage, data security becomes an important topic. While today’s data centers are constructed with a high regard for physical security and efficiency, there is an ongoing cost for each visitor that enters the site.

With secure Remote Environment Management (REM) solutions from Lantronix, users can reduce footfall, which mitigates costs, decreases security risk and increases your satisfaction.

The Problem: Extensive Security for Every Visitor 

When visitors are allowed into the data center, extensive security requirements are inherent with costs and heightened risks. A typical data center security check list includes parking checks, identification checks, security authentication, search and inspection, secure data area access, rack access and staff to manage guests.

The Solution: Remote Environment Management Solutions  

To reduce the footfall in your data center, Lantronix’s SLC 8000 advanced console server integrated with ConsoleFlow™ provides centralized management software. Lantronix’s ConsoleFlow cloud-based management platform provides a single pane of glass from which you view and control your devices.

Since security is paramount, the SLC 8000 console server is FIPS 140-2 certified and provides remote console access for up to 48 ports. This will significantly reduce the time-to-resolution for solving problems, cutting out the need to be directly connected to the console port of the equipment.

Together, this Remote Environment Management solution provides operations, automation and control benefits, including:


  • Aggregated directory status view of all devices and ports 
  • Ability to search and create device groups for OTA operations 
  • Secure, remote access to edge-connected devices 
  • Ability to log file and device configuration backup 


  • Zero-touch provisioning for firmware and configuration updates 
  • Device telemetry data monitoring for event-driven notifications 
  • Ability to create and run Python scripts for automated NetOps management 


  • Remotely administer and management portals, tenants, users and services 

The Results: Reduced Footfall Saves Money, Increases Security 

Reducing footfall at your data center saves money, increases security, decreases risks and increases your satisfaction that your data center is being handled securely and appropriately.


SLC 8000 Console Manager  

As part of Lantronix’s Remote Environment Management out-of-band solution, the SLC™ 8000 console manager provides resilience and intelligence across all deployments. It provides secure access to IT equipment with RS-232 and USB console while minimizing deployment headaches and time.

The SLC 8000’s Remote Power Management (RPM) function allows remote control of multiple PDU or UPS equipment.

More than 140 different vendors are supported. The connection can be SNMP, Network, RS232 serial or USB. RPM allows users to remotely restart or cold boot equipment without having to go on site.

The SLC 8000 is unique in that it supports both RS232 and USB console ports and is modular so it can expand to meet requirements without having to modify the rack.

Data center operators can provide the SLC 8000 console manager as part of the DC facilities, such as power, cooling, security, etc.


ConsoleFlow Management Platform 

ConsoleFlow™ delivers a feature-rich product portfolio with centralized asset management. It utilizes a full-stack approach, from data collection through control, empowering customers to get to market quickly with complete solutions. Analytics, insights, predictions and automation enable you to focus on business logic and operational efficiency to drive successful outcomes.

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