Networking in the Home

At home I have both a wireless network (802.11bg) and most rooms are wired with Gigabit Ethernet.  I found the wireless does not give me the smooth transmission of HD video that the wireline does (for a great product for capturing off the air TV, check out  Multi-stream 802.11n promises to fix these problems.  What’s your experience?  So beyond the obvious computer and entertainment benefits of networking, are there other things that make sense to connect?  For a while, there was talk of refrigerators that would e-mail a service center if they were about to go on the fritz.  In the last 30 years I’ve only had one fridge die; I’m not sure it justifies the cost of adding a network connection.  Now if the fridge could keep inventory and e-mail me a shopping list on Mondays that could be cool!  Power meters, alarm panels, and other already monitored devices make sense.

What would you like networked in your house?