InfiniShield™ Security- Enterprise class security by Lantronix

InfiniShield™ security offers a comprehensive suite of built-in device security software with minimal integration effort for designers and developers. Secure data communication is provided through features such as secure boot, secure firmware updates, secure connections, data-at-rest protection and role-based access control for IoT projects.

InfiniShield™ Security- Lantronix

InfiniShield Features

Secure boot – ensures only authorized firmware gets loaded

Secure firmware updates – reliable updates of authorized firmware remotely

Secure storage – encrypted storage of credentials and configurations

Secure communications – support for security protocols and ciphers with embedded gateway applications

(TLS 1.2, AES 256-bit, SHA-2)

Secure network attach – EAPOL support for connecting to protected switch ports.

Fine-grained service controls – software controlled disabling of network ports that are not in use.

Ongoing support & updates – monitoring of critical security vulnerabilities and regular updates.

Controlled access – role-based access control.

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