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The following is a continuously updated listing of supported printers for the Lantronix xPrintServer.

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xPrintServer Office xPrintServer Cloud Print

xPrintServer Office - Compatible Printer List

The xPrintServer Office is only compatible with PostScript (PS) printers, and PostScript is an optional feature for a few models on this list. If you are uncertain whether it is a standard feature or an optional feature on your printer, simply check your printer's specifications typically under Printer/Page Description Languages (PDL).

Brand Selected: Dell
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Printer Model Printer Compatibility Support
Office Edition
Dell 2145cn MFP
Dell 2330d Laser Printer
Dell 2330dn Laser Printer
Dell 2335dn MFP
Dell 2350d Laser Printer
Dell 2350dn Laser Printer
Dell 2355dn Laser MFP
Dell 2355dn MFP
Dell 3110cn Color Laser
Dell 3130cn Color Laser
Dell 3330dn Laser MFP
Dell 3333dn Laser MFP
Dell 3335dn Laser MFP
Dell 5130cdn Color Laser
Dell 5230n Laser Printer
Dell 5330dn Mono Laser Printer
Dell 5350dn Laser Printer
Dell Color Laser 5110cn
Dell Laser MFP 1600n
Dell Laser MFP 1815
Dell Laser MFP1815
Dell Laser Printer 1700n
Dell Laser Printer 3100cn
Dell Laser Printer 5100cn
Dell Laser Printer 5210n
Dell Laser Printer 5310n
Dell Laser Printer M5200
Dell Laser Printer W5300
Dell MFP Laser 3115cn

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