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The following is a continuously updated listing of supported printers for the Lantronix xPrintServer.

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xPrintServer Cloud Print - Compatible Printer List

Brand Selected: Toshiba
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Printer Model Printer Compatibility Support
Google Cloud Print Edition
Toshiba ColorMFP
Toshiba e-ST205L
Toshiba e-ST255
Toshiba e-ST305
Toshiba e-ST355
Toshiba e-ST4520CSeries
Toshiba e-ST455
Toshiba e-ST5520C
Toshiba e-ST555
Toshiba e-ST6520C
Toshiba e-ST6530C
Toshiba e-ST655
Toshiba e-ST755
Toshiba e-ST855
Toshiba e-STUDIO180S
Toshiba e-STUDIO2020C
Toshiba e-STUDIO2040C
Toshiba e-STUDIO2050C
Toshiba e-STUDIO2051
Toshiba e-STUDIO206L
Toshiba e-Studio224CS
Toshiba e-STUDIO2330C
Toshiba e-STUDIO2505F
Toshiba e-STUDIO2505H
Toshiba e-STUDIO2540C
Toshiba e-STUDIO2550C
Toshiba e-STUDIO2551
Toshiba e-STUDIO2555C
Toshiba e-STUDIO256
Toshiba e-Studio262CP
Toshiba e-Studio263CP
Toshiba e-Studio264CS
Toshiba e-STUDIO2820C
Toshiba e-STUDIO2830C
Toshiba e-STUDIO287CS
Toshiba e-STUDIO3040C
Toshiba e-STUDIO3055C
Toshiba e-STUDIO306
Toshiba e-STUDIO347CS
Toshiba e-STUDIO3510c
Toshiba e-STUDIO3520C
Toshiba e-STUDIO3530C
Toshiba e-STUDIO3540C
Toshiba e-STUDIO3555C
Toshiba e-STUDIO355
Toshiba e-STUDIO356
Toshiba e-STUDIO35
Toshiba e-STUDIO407CS
Toshiba e-STUDIO4520CC
Toshiba e-STUDIO4540C
Toshiba e-STUDIO4555C
Toshiba e-STUDIO456
Toshiba e-STUDIO477S
Toshiba e-STUDIO5055C
Toshiba e-STUDIO527S
Toshiba e-STUDIO5540C
Toshiba e-STUDIO556
Toshiba e-STUDIO6540C
Toshiba e-STUDIO6550C
Toshiba e-STUDIO656
Toshiba e-STUDIO756
Toshiba e-STUDIO856
Toshiba e-STUDIO
Toshiba Loops-LP30_e-STUDIO306LP
Toshiba MonoMFP
Toshiba Universal

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