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The following is a continuously updated listing of supported printers for the Lantronix xPrintServer.

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Brand Selected: Infotec
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Printer Model Printer Compatibility Support
Google Cloud Print Edition
Infotec 4353 MF
Infotec 4452 MF
Infotec 4651 MF
Infotec IP 280
Infotec IPC1036
Infotec IPC2838
Infotec IPC 3030DN
Infotec IPC 4040DN
Infotec IS 2015
Infotec IS 2018D
Infotec IS 2018
Infotec IS2022
Infotec IS2027
Infotec IS2032
Infotec IS2035
Infotec IS2045
Infotec IS 2060
Infotec IS 2075
Infotec IS2090
Infotec IS2105
Infotec IS 2122
Infotec IS 2127
Infotec IS 2132
Infotec IS 2135
Infotec IS 2145
Infotec IS 2151
Infotec IS 2160
Infotec IS 2175
Infotec IS 2215
Infotec IS 2216
Infotec IS 2220D
Infotec IS 2220
Infotec IS 2225
Infotec IS 2230
Infotec IS 2235
Infotec IS 2245
Infotec IS 2255
Infotec IS 2265
Infotec IS 2275
Infotec IS 2316
Infotec IS 2320
Infotec IS 2325
Infotec IS 2416
Infotec IS 2425
Infotec IS 2430
Infotec IS 2435
Infotec IS 2445
Infotec IS 3090
Infotec IS 3110
Infotec IS 3135
Infotec ISC 1024c
Infotec ISC 1032c
Infotec ISC 1032
Infotec ISC 2028
Infotec ISC 2428
Infotec ISC 2432
Infotec ISC 2835
Infotec ISC 2838
Infotec ISC 3030
Infotec ISC 3545
Infotec ISC 4045
Infotec ISC 4560
Infotec ISC 5560
Infotec ISC 615G
Infotec ISC 824
Infotec MP 171
Infotec MP 2550B
Infotec MP 2550
Infotec MP 2851
Infotec MP 3350B
Infotec MP 3350
Infotec MP 3351
Infotec MP 4000B
Infotec MP 4000
Infotec MP 4001
Infotec MP 5000B
Infotec MP 5000
Infotec MP 5001
Infotec MP 6000
Infotec MP 6001
Infotec MP 7000
Infotec MP 7001
Infotec MP 8000
Infotec MP 8001
Infotec MP 9001
Infotec MP C2050
Infotec MP C2550
Infotec MP C2800
Infotec MP C3300
Infotec MP C4000
Infotec MP C5000
Infotec MP C6000
Infotec MP C6501
Infotec MP C7500
Infotec MP C7501
Infotec Pro 1106EX
Infotec Pro 1107EX
Infotec Pro 1356EX
Infotec Pro 1357EX
Infotec Pro 906EX
Infotec Pro 907EX

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