Spares Program

Program Overview

The Lantronix Spares Program gives business partners and key customers access to deeply discounted Lantronix equipment to use as spares. Products acquired under this program are not for resale. This is a new program designed to assist customers with mission critical applications and as an alternative to purchasing extended services.

Program Requirements & Restrictions

Domestic and International Lantronix end-user customers are eligible to purchase spare units under this program. Customers who meet the requirements and wish to purchase SPARES should contact their resellers. Reseller must supply all information requested in the online application form, including end-users who will be acquiring the unit. Each SPARE obtained requires Lantronix’s prior approval. Volume limitations apply on a 10:1 ratio. For every ten (10) same model units (e.g. SLC04812N-01) the customer may purchase one (1) same model unit (e.g. SLC04812N-01) spare.

Products Available and Discounting

Products are available at deep discounts from list price:

Product Family Approximate Discount from List Price
Device Servers — EDS family, 8/16/32 ports 50%
Lantronix Console Servers — SLC family 50%
Branch Office Manager — SLB family 40%

Important: Pricing should be discussed in terms of the actual sales price to the reseller through distribution, not in terms of discount from list price.

Process Overview

  1. Reseller downloads and submits request form: Spares Request Form (PDF)
  2. Inside sales rep reviews form, contacts reseller to clarify any issues (if necessary) and submits to VP Channel Sales (or his designate) for approval.
  3. Once approved, SPARES purchase authorization is submitted to distributor the reseller has indicated on request form.
  4. Reseller purchases unit from distributor at Lantronix-set SPARES price.
  5. Credits are issued to distributor on monthly basis.

Warranty & Returns

Warranty: Normal warranty terms, conditions, and support procedures apply to SPARES units acquired under this program.


For questions or clarifications on this program, please contact us at (949) 450-7250.