IoT in Security

Security Device Networking & Device Management

Protect Your Employees and Assets with Security Device Networking & Management. The safety and security of data, property and employees is one of the biggest concerns every company will face.

Monitor Breaches and Troubleshoot Immediately

Network your security system, control panels and fire systems to easily access them all from a remote network or Internet connection — making it simple to monitor security breaches and troubleshoot problems without being on site.

Reduce Costs and Increase Peace of Mind

The security of your assets, employees and customers is a top priority, and Lantronix products can take care of all this while allowing you to focus on your business.

Entering New Markets Ahead of the Competition

IMAG Technologies is one of the only providers of Bluetooth-enabled, IP-addressable, RS-232 communications equipment that transmits data over the Internet. Realizing they needed to expand wireless data communications device functionality beyond LAN (Local Area Network) applications – they turned to Lantronix technology. The result? Quick- to-market, winning opportunities they had previously just dreamt about.

“Several new business opportunities have arisen due to the smaller size and data transmission capabilities that XPort enabled for Blue 232.”

— Doug Stevens, Director of Sales and Marketing, IMAG Technologies

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Physical Security

Increase Your System’s Intelligence and Dependability

Monitoring fire and burglary systems can be costly — especially when a breach occurs. Malfunctions in a system can also be expensive and time consuming, especially if remote access isn’t possible.

Eliminate Unnecessary Service Calls

Lantronix technology enables networking of all security systems to ensure not just physical safety, but ease of access when a system issue arises. Through remote access, problems can be corrected and service calls all but eliminated.

Saving Costs and Improving Ease of Use with Secura Key

As an access control and RFID manufacturer for over 35 years, Secura Key knows security. What they wanted to address was ease of use. With Lantronix technology, they were able to upgrade their control panels to be controlled remotely using wireless technology–making installation and usability easier and less costly.

“Working with Lantronix, we easily saved six months in development time. Lantronix made it simple to network connect our product.”

— Randy Watkins, Vice President, Technology, Secura Key

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Lantronix technology helps:

  • Upgrade control panel access to allow both wired and wireless remote access
  • Maintain consistently high levels of security
  • Save on installation and wiring costs
  • Eliminates the need for extra phone lines and computer systems
  • Reduce response time when a breach occurs

Data Security

Protect Your Customers’ Data — and Your Own

Confidential and sensitive information such as patient records, financial data, and other secure details requires high levels of protection.

Certified to Keep Your Information Safe

Lantronix technologies offer the only available secure networking and data center management products with a NIST-certified implementation of Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) encryption as specified by FIPS-197.

Ultimate Peace of Mind

No one else can claim our level of AES implementation–offering you an additional level of peace of mind that all customer and company information is secure.

Reducing Time to Market with Honeywell

A leading provider of advanced security systems to the US government, Honeywell was up against tight deadlines to adhere to new AES-certification requirements. They turned to Lantronix’ SecureBox SDS products–and were able to make their deadline with a great product.

“For over three decades, Honeywell has been a leading provider of advanced security systems for government applications, so it was critical that we find a cost-effective way to address the new AES-certification requirement for our customers. Based on our past experience with Lantronix, we had confidence the SecureBox device servers were the solution which could enable us to quickly meet that challenge.”

— Greg Turner, Director of Global Offer Management, Honeywell

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Lantronix technology helps:

  • Secure data encryption solutions for enterprise security systems
  • Simple implementation increasing time-to-market
  • Provide advance security systems for government applications
  • Offer the highest levels of encryption standards available
  • Fulfill the needs of companies that provide networked security systems for government and other high security applications

Secure Data Center Management

Manage Networks and Data from Any Location

When a network goes down, security systems are compromised. The ability to manage servers and security systems from a remote location can make a world of difference.

Reduce Service Costs and System Downtime

With Lantronix technology, IT managers and staff can access systems securely and remotely–eliminating the need to go on site. Plus, enabling access over a network or the Internet allows equipment to be stored in a safe, secure environment and staff to troubleshoot problems 24/7.

Control Security Panels from Any Network or Internet Connection

Secure data communications and remote control of networked devices help meet strict deadlines and control unnecessary costs. In fact, companies like Honeywell, Siemens, Kaba Benzing, Stanley and Bosch already trust Lantronix products in their security systems.

Example Applications

Example Applications

Lantronix technology can network systems including:

  • Security Access Control Panels
  • Fire Alarm Control Panels
  • Biometric Readers
  • Time and Attendance Systems
  • Electronic Badge Systems
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Data Center Equipment
  • Government Facilities

Case Studies

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