Network Interface Card (NIC) Product Selector

Once you have found the right product for your needs, please contact sales for further assistance.

ProductForm FactorProtocolPower over EthernetDescription
NM2-FXS-01M.2Fast EthernetNone100Base-FX for Dell OptiPlex™ 7040/7050 & Wyse 7000
NM2-FXS-201M.2Fast EthernetNone100Base-FX for Dell OptiPlex™ 7070 & 7060/5060/3060 Micro PCs
NM2-GXE-01 SeriesM.2Gigabit EthernetNone1000Base-SX/X for Dell OptiPlex™ 7040/7050 & Wyse 7000
NM2-GXE-201 SeriesM.2Gigabit EthernetNone1000Base-X for Dell OptiPlex™ 3060/5060/7060, 7070 & 7080 Micro PCs
N-FXE-xx-02 SeriesPCIeFast EthernetNone100Base-FX
N-GXE-PoE-xx-01 SeriesPCIeGigabit EthernetPoE, PoE+1000Base-X and 10/100/1000Base-T PoE+
N-GXE-xx-02 SeriesPCIeGigabit EthernetNone1000Base-SX with Windows 10 Support and Wake-on-LAN
N-TGE-SFP-02PCIe10 Gigabit EthernetNone(2) 1000Base-X/10GBase-SR/LR SFP+
TN-USB SeriesUSBFast EthernetNone100Base-FX
TN-USB3 SeriesUSBGigabit EthernetNone1000Base-SX