Solkan Canoe Center – Outdoor Surveillance/Service Delivery over IP

Outdoor Surveillance / Service Delivery over IP: Integration of cutting-edge media services delivered through an open IP infrastructure.
Headquarters: Solkan, Slovenia
Transition Networks Product Deployed: SISTP1040-244-LRT: 4-Port Hardened PoE Switch

Solkan Canoe Center


Customer Overview

Canoeing has a long, storied heritage for the people of Soca Valley in Solkan, Slovenia. Whether used for enterprise, entertainment, transportation or even basic day-to-day survival the Soca River has long been an integral piece in the lives of the local people. It is no wonder that canoeing and kayaking have remained the most widely practiced water sports in Slovenia.

Today the Canoe Center on the Soca River offers an adrenaline pumping course which attracts close to 30,000 visitors a year, including several national teams that use the facility as a training camp for wild water kayaking and canoeing competitions. In order to comply with modern racing standards and to attract prestigious International Canoe Federation (ICF) competitions, the Center made the decision to update their various network nodes and deploy an open IP-based network infrastructure that would allow for the delivery of video surveillance, video-on-demand, timing, public broadband internet access, flood lighting management, perimeter access control and intrusion prevention across the same platform.

With the goal being to not only attract the best teams and ICF competitions, but to also offer video analysis and timing capabilities to anyone who utilizes the course. Constructing a system that is fully exposed to a host of environmental risks and is also spread across a wide geographic area offers a unique set of challenges on its own. Furthermore, video coverage of activities held on rushing water represent one of the most demanding performance combinations for video surveillance there is, because both the competitor and the background are in constant motion. Because of this, the Canoe Center turned to AGM, a local provider of security and surveillance solutions, for a reliable, cost-effective solution that could withstand the outdoor environmental variables while still providing rich high-definition video footage.


The Project

AGM NOVA GORICA d.o.o. is a Slovenian system integrator specializing in enhanced security solutions with an extensive experience in technologies integration and signal transmission. Their project kicked off with the installation of the fiber optic infrastructure which would serve as an aggregating path for the various signals and communications that would be transmitting as part of the overall event system. After an initial installation utilizing non-PoE, office-grade components proved to be too vulnerable to the elements, AGM began the search for a more robust solution that utilized Power-over-Ethernet (PoE).

Some of the criteria that needed to be met for switch selection included:

  • Extremely reliable under all weather conditions (-10°C to 40°C)
  • Offer power supply redundancy
  • Must support Gigabit speeds
  • Offer a small footprint for installation inside an enclosure
  • Ability to electrically isolate itself from the rest of the network equipment via redundant optical fiber uplinks
  • Plug-and-Play solution that would need little maintenance

With the European Championships looming, AGM standardized on the ruggedized PoE switches from Transition Networks (SISTP1040-244-LRT) to build-out a Gigabit network for providing Layer 2 networking and connectivity while limiting the environmental impacts of heat, moisture, cold, lightning and dust on the overall system. ”Having the overall Gigabit network is so imperative for providing a fluid recording of video streams, ” said Andrej Grobisa, director at AGM. ”HD cameras can produce streams of up to 12Mbps each and we have 9 or 10 cameras canvassing the course, so Gigabit was definitely a must. Transition Networks’ hardened 4 port PoE switches addressed all of our pain points as an installer and offered our end-user piece of mind with their no questions asked lifetime warranty offering.”

Rounding out the installation, Cisco’s wireless networking gear was implemented to provide rich media transmission to the coaches alongside the course and to provide internet access to the visitors of the Canoe Center. And after another careful analysis, Avigilon was selected for the video coverage of the actual sporting events, while Indigovision’s video system is being dedicated strictly to the overall security and surveillance of the facility. Behind the scenes, all servers and storage was provided by a combination of Dell, Intel, and IBM.


Customer Solution: Next Steps for Ongoing Improvement

  • The development and integration of an RFID chip timing system – for timing, traffic regulation, and asset management
  • Integration of more new systems and applications for successful event management
  • The development and integration of systems for monitoring training and research
  • Expansion of the current IP system to the new Adventure Park on the other side of the river


About AGM Nova Gorica

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