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Lantronix Connects Servprise Customers to Remote Recovery

The Challenge:

To offer ISPs a scalable remote recovery solution with market-competitive functionality, Servprise required a single network processing solution – and fast.

The Solution:

Incorporating the powerful XPort Architect (AR) embedded processor module provided scalability, a drastically improved feature set, network communications for remote management… all in an easy-toimplement and speedy solution.

The Benefit:

Servprise was able to provide its customers with richer features and eliminate expensive server downtime, as well as open the door to other market opportunities.

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servpriseCustomers of ISPs and Web hosting providers demand constant uptime and lightning-fast service, making remote rebooting capability a necessity. With data centers growing at a rapid pace, remote rebooting solutions must provide more than reliable functionality – they must be scalable as well.

The Situation:

servprise2Web Reboot Capabilities That Can Scale To Thousands Of Servers With A Single Embedded Network Processing Solution

Established in 2004, Servprise International, Inc. creates products to ease the lives of IT personnel and reduce the costs associated with technology maintenance by providing remote server management products.

Servprise concentrates its efforts on meeting the network server needs of its ISP customers. Recognizing that the competition for hosting companies is fierce, Servprise planned to offer its data center customers a more scalable solution with additional value-added features than competitive products.

Servprise understood that downtime and manual reboots could be extremely costly for ISPs and that the ability to remotely reboot servers was becoming a requirement. Customers desired a higher level of empowerment that provided either automated recovery or enabling controls that would allow them to make augmentations quickly. To meet the increased feature and functionality requirements of its growing customer base and solve the two-device solution restriction of its original designs, Servprise sought a single network processing solution that would enable its leading web recovery products to scale to thousands of servers.

As if finding the ideal processing solution wasn’t challenging enough, Servprise knew it had to quickly find a design that would work. The market demanded a scalable solution that could handle deployments to 15,000 to 20,000 servers in a matter of months.

The Solution:

Lantronix XPort AR Provides Enterprisegrade, Feature-Rich Platform With Single-Chip Connectivity

Servprise realized the networking processing power of Lantronix XPort AR through the company’s software development kit. With that, Servprise realized they could easily develop market-demanded features such as advanced security, performance and varying interface compatibility.

XPort AR enabled Servprise to integrate everything including software into the design quickly and allowed the company to take care of many of the deployment complexities up front. XPort AR already incorporated SSL and SSH security protocols and XML functionality along with the ability to develop custom ports to add its own protocols. All this functionality enabled Servprise to concentrate their engineering efforts on the company’s core competencies. By integrating XPort AR, the company was able to add a higher level of intelligence to automatically resolve a list of problems and set its solutions apart from market competition.

Servprise went from design to delivery of its new WebReboot® Enterprise products in just seven months. WebReboot Enterprise enables ISPs and hosting providers to offer secure remote reboot and power control services to their customers. Available in industryleading densities of 24, 48 and 80 reboot ports per unit, WebReboot Enterprise products are ideal for data center-wide deployment and come ready to integrate with existing PHP, Java, or .NET hosting control panel and client account manager applications with an XML SOAP web service API.

The Result:

More Features, Better Functionality, Happy Customers And New Possibilities

By incorporating XPort AR, Servprise is able to provide its customers with greater features and functionality such as top-notch security, intelligent notification and automatic configuration capabilities. In addition, ISPs can pass this value on to attract and retain their own customer base.

After a bout of bad weather on the East Coast, one enthusiastic Servprise customer said about the new remote recovery capabilities, “I would have had to go out during a blizzard to recover my crashed servers, but the WebReboot enabled me to resolve the problem remotely.”

As Servprise looks to the future, the company is excited about the capabilities afforded by XPort AR. Servprise is now designing next-generation systems to remedy the remote recovery needs of other data center equipment including routers, switches and firewalls.

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