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Minimizing Network Downtime with Lantronix Data Center Management

The Challenge:

To find an effective solution to enable the remote management of a school’s network infrastructure to minimize downtime and enable the IT manager to remotely perform reboots via a standard web browser.

The Solution:

By implementing Lantronix Remote Data Center Management Solutions, More House School found a seamless solution to enable its network to be managed remotely.

The Benefit:

More House School can respond to unplanned server outages that may occur outside of normal office hours without needing to be onsite. For staff, students and their parents who often rely on use of the network in the evenings and weekends, this means less network downtime in the event of a server problem.

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morehouseWith the evolution of technology and the plethora of online resources, educational institutions need to provide the same quality of network infrastructure as offered at the enterprise and university level.

The Situation:

IMG_sol_it-dataA Need For Constant Network Access

More House School, an independent boarding school for boys with specific learning difficulties, is described by OFSTED (Office For Standards in Education) as “an outstanding school offering an outstanding quality of education.” For More House School, providing constant network access is essential to enable students to keep up with their studies, stay in touch with their families and allow staff remote access during non-school hours.

ACAL IT Limited, a Lantronix Distributor, in partnership with More House School’s preferred reseller, offered expert knowledge to propose the most effective solution to help resolve service disruptions.

The Challenge:

IMG_slc_family-w-logoEnabling 24/7 Network Uptime While Providing Remote Management Capabilities

With over 250 students and 100 staff using 150 PCs at More House School, the IT manager is tasked with keeping the network infrastructure up and running at all times. Despite More House School’s efforts to build a resilient network, there was the risk that a server failure could occur out of office hours. This meant IT managers were required to visit the school premises during the evenings, weekends and school holidays.

More House School wanted a solution to effectively manage the servers and provide the ability to reboot remotely. Barry Huggett, Headmaster, More House School, explains: “Minimizing server interruption is essential within a busy school. Ultimately the most appropriate way to achieve this is through a solution which facilitates remote management of the servers and IT infrastructure equipment from any standard web browser, safely and securely.”

The Solution:

Remote Server Management with Integrated Power Management

After reviewing its existing IT infrastructure, More House School ran a trial implementation of the Lantronix solution, which provides secure remote access over IP, allowing users to control data center devices via a web browser. Essential to the success of the project was the provision of a remote power management solution; this enables the fast and easy recovery of locked-up devices and enables IT managers to establish a connection with the server to reboot the attached equipment and quickly return it to operational status.

The Lantronix products offer complete digital hardware solutions for remotely controlling and managing a number of servers. With no software to install, they do not affect server performance and seamlessly support multiple operating systems. Lantronix solutions allow the IT manager to remotely perform functions (reconfiguring hardware, configuring the BIOS and server reboot) which would normally require them to enter the server room. By having full access to a server’s primary I/O, Lantronix provides the capability to administer devices and take action to correct problems from anywhere via a web browser. Lantronix products also provide the highest levels of security with 128-bit SSL encryption for all keyboard and mouse signals.

The Result:

Delivering The Highest Level of Network Availablility with Easy-To-Implement Solutions

By using the solution from Lantronix, More House School has taken the initiative to ensure it can meet its objectives of delivering the highest levels of network availability.

Solutions from Lantronix help maximize uptime by enabling IT managers to centrally manage a network infrastructure, ensure connectivity to enterprise-network equipment even when the network is down, protect assets through secure access and lower overall network-management costs.

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