Lower the Cost of Fiber Integration

Save Money with High Quality Network Devices

In a time when organizations are trying to squeeze every penny out of each dollar spent, network expenditures are coming under increased scrutiny despite pressures to increase the networks’ performance. Transition Networks is already known as a manufacturer of cost effective, intelligent, media conversion devices designed to ease the migration to fiber optic cabling while protecting investments in current copper-based network equipment. These converters include many advanced features that were developed to aid in their installation, configuration, and troubleshooting. These ‘advanced features’ are very helpful and are intended to save the user money in the long-term with a lower total cost of ownership. However, some projects are very cost sensitive or have limited budgets and only call for a basic level of media conversion. For these initial lower costs of entry applications, Transition Networks offers a couple of options:
  • The Just Convert-IT product line
  • The Mini media converter product line
The J-Line converters offer the same quality and reliability as the standard full-featured product, but with a smaller sub-set of features to accommodate a lower cost of entry. For instance, if a project calls for a quality media converter, but it is determined that the application can function properly without features like ‘Link Pass Though’ or ‘Far End Fault’, then the – Just Convert-IT products are the perfect solution. The Mini media converter line is designed to provide quality media conversion functions, but in a smaller form factor for applications where space limitations are a concern. The mini converters offer a low cost by reducing their size and providing a fixed configuration. As organizations look for ways to reduce their capital expenditures, sometimes less feature-rich products like the Just Convert-IT and the Mini can be the perfect solution.  


  • Different speeds available from RS232 to 1000Mbps Ethernet
  • Standard operating temperature 0°C to 50°C
  • AC power supply is included
  • Single mode, multimode, and single-strand available
  • USB powered and PoE powered devices available
  • Smaller sub-set of advanced features available on standard converters
  • IEEE Standards based equipment compliant to all IEEE standards that apply
  • Multiple mounting options available