Easy To Deploy Real-time Tank Monitoring Solution Reduces Operating Costs and Improves Factory QA


The customer application required a quick, easy, yet highly accurate and reliable method for remotely monitoring the analog temperature sensor’s output of plating and stripping tank baths. All data must be collected from the closed factory floor network and distributed to a variety of devices and data acquisition software.

Key Requirements:

  • Solution must be “PLC-free” due to cost and time for custom programming
  • Ease-of-implementation was critical
  • Highly-accurate temperature readings
  • Utilize HTTP posts to transmit information
  • Device must mirror analog inputs with its outputs

The Solution: xSenso

The Lantronix xSenso is a compact DIN-rail or wall mount device that enables sensors with analog outputs to transparently send real-time data to any node on the network or over the Internet.

xSenso Application: Monitoring of Temperature and Level Sensors on a Liquid Tank



  • Critical temperature threshold violations are now detected by the xSenso and immediately emailed to the appropriate technician and viewed either from a laptop or smartphone.
  • Temperature fluctuations are now captured and logged on the xSenso allowing the Manufacturing Engineers to study the trend analysis.
  • Tank data is also requested and sent to their data acquisition software.
  • The xSenso improved tank temperature reading accuracy which resulted in reduced operating costs and improved product quality.


About xSenso

IMG_xsenso_top-rightxSenso is an ideal solution for remote monitoring and data logging of critical events in process control and automation applications. With its low port density, xSenso can be affordably installed in dispersed locations. In applications where analog sensors and controllers are used, xSenso can be configured to send alarms via emails or text messages when readings are outside predefined ranges. These alarms allow control engineers to take immediate corrective action when certain thresholds are met.

Designed for the demands of fast-paced business:

Two analog inputs
Ethernet port for communication
USB port for configuration
Dynamic web based monitoring, charting and data logging
Redundant input power
Email and text message alert notification
Authentication, up to 256-bit encryption, SSL, SSH
Operational temperature of -40° to +85° C
5-Year Limited Warranty

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