Solar Monitoring PoC Kit

The solar panel efficiency monitoring kit is an end-to-end solution to monitor the efficiency of your solar panels and track everything you need to manage your solar power system. Our platform notifies you to take preventative measures in order to maintain the optimum performance which helps to:

  • Increase solar energy production
  • Decrease cost of power consumption from the utility
  • Using our smart weather forecasting analytics predict energy production and plan needs in the most efficient manner

Measurement of power saved can directly translate into actual cost reduction. The solar panel efficiency monitoring kit analytics will provide all relevant information on the daily energy production, consumption and distribution to the grid.

Lantronix provide an extended range of sensors all compatible with the Solar panel efficiency monitoring kit.

Solar Panel Efficiency Monitoring kit

    Overview for Solar Panel Efficiency Monitoring kit


    Data monitoring platform

    Visualize your sensors data and panel efficiency

    Data-logging and communication gateway

    The IP67 gateway collects data from the sensors and pushes it to Maestro data monitoring platform using cellular connectivity.

    Wind direction sensor

    • 4-20mA
    • Range: 0~360°
    • Accuracy: ±3°

    Wind speed sensor

    • 4-20mA
    • Range: 0-45m/s
    • Accuracy: ± (0.3+0.03V)m/s; V current wind speed

    Solar radiation sensor

    • 4-20mA
    • Spectral range: 300~3000nm

    Temperature sensor

    • 4-20mA
    • Range: -50°+100°C
    • Accuracy: ±0.5°C

    Temperature, humidity & pressure sensor

    • 4-20mA sensor

    Solar Power Supply System

    • Automatic identification 12VDC/24VDC


    • Tripod for sensor mounting