Encryption Library Suite



  • Rijndael AES 128-256 bit encryption/decryption
  • Two-Fish 128 bit encryption/decryption
  • Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) mode
  • Cipher Feedback 128bit (CFB128) mode
  • Windows Sockets
  • Binding for Visual Basic, C and Java
  • UDP / TCP sockets support
  • Client or Server mode
  • Example applications for C and VB

Overview for Encryption Library Suite

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Add Security to Software Applications for Networked Devices


With the proliferation of information in today’s electronic world, businesses and individuals are more concerned than ever about protecting data from unwanted intrusion as it is transferred over a network or the Internet. This creates additional burden on software developers to learn and develop applications to communicate with various devices over a network, and then design a means to protect the data for secure communications.

Developing software is difficult and time-consuming enough without having to learn about network communications protocols and encryption algorithms to ensure the data transmitted between device and destination is secure.

The Lantronix Encryption Library Suite provides everything needed for software developers to quickly add encrypted network connectivity for secure end-to-end communications into their software applications. This enables developers to concentrate on their core competency, be more efficient and create higher-quality software applications.

Our Encryption Library Suite includes the DLLs (dynamic link libraries), instructions and sample applications to quickly and easily incorporate 128-256 bit Rijndael AES encryption into applications communicating over a network. These libraries are compatible with Lantronix SecureBox®, Secure Device Servers, WiBox® Wireless Device Servers, XPort®-SE embedded Ethernet modules and WiPort® embedded wireless modules.

When linked to the devices software application, the DLLs encrypt data at the application before it travels over the network to a secure device server which then decrypts the data and sends it over a serial connection to the device (such as a patient monitoring equipment transmitting critical test results to a laboratory system or a kiosk sending sensitive financial data central database).

Recommended Development Tools

  • Visual Studio with appropriate language compiler

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