E200 Series Discontinued

  • E205a-1200x799
  • E205-63
  • E205-66
  • E205-621
  • E205-651

Key features

  • Cellular / wired WAN / LAN / Wi-Fi3
  • WAN failover and load-balancing
  •  Access-Point mode with multiple SSID’s
  •  Support PPTP and OpenVPN
  • GPS output and SMS event reporting
  •  Wide 9-60VDC power input
  •  User-friendly GUI
  •  OTA configuration management

Target markets

  • Failover / Business continuity
  • Digital signage3 Sales and payment
  •  Monitoring and control

E200 Series Router Discontinued

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    E200 Series Router Overview

    With high-speed cellular (3G and beyond), wired WAN, LAN and Wi-Fi connectivity, the E200 is a highly versatile, reliable and rugged router designed for mission-critical enterprise applications requiring faultless connectivity.The E200 comes in two models; the cost-effective HSDPA ensures always-on connectivity for 2G migration or low-latency applications such as energy and sales & payment, while the HSPA+ 4-band is ideal for deployment in vertical markets requiring high-speed or global roaming such as security and transportation.

    Advanced Failover Solution

    The Maestro E200 Series has an automatic failover functionality that avoids you to lose communication anytime you have a connection problem. As soon as the cable connection is lost, communications will automatically failover on the cellular network: with the E200 Series your business will, basically, never stops.


    Open VPN offers highest performance and is reliable on high latency connections and is easy to set up. With a 256-bit encryption protocol, your informations are safe. This platform offers improved stability and a great compatibility for all your devices.

    Load balancing

    s a versatile and multi-connected device, the E200 Series let you set up the load you want for every single device connected to your router. If a crucial component for your business needs more bandwidth than the others in order to work properly, you can allocate more resources to this specific component in a matter of seconds.

    OTA Updates

    The E200 gives you a clean, neat and intuitive interface to configure your router in matter a of seconds. Upgrade your devices Over the Air (OTA) with D2Sphere, our device management platform.

    Real time analysis

    Our interface let you analyze your CPU load, the traffic on every single interface linked to the router and their connection details. This tool allows you to check your connection parameters in real time.

    Flexible Wi-Fi

    he E200 Series is originally built to be ready for the world with advanced technologies: Wi-Fi b/g/n, configurable Wi-Fi as WAN or access point, Wi-Fi Security (WEP / WPA / WPA2 Mixed Mode) and multiple SSID.

    WAN switchable to LAN

    The E200 Series WAN port could be re-configured as a second LAN interface.


    Available accessories for E220 Series:

    Power Supply / Cable

    • ACC-CA30 2-pin Micro-Fit 3.0 (M) to stripped wire with 2.5 A fused, 1-metre long cable
    • ACC-PS20 2-pin Molex 1.2A power adapter with Euro plug 2-pin – Europe
    • ACC-PS23 2-pin Molex 1.2A power adapter with BS1363 3-pin plug – UK

    Wi-Fi Antenna

    • ACC-A21 dual-band 2.4 / 5.8GHz dipole antenna, hinged RP-SMA (M)

    Cellular / GPS Antenna

    • ACC-A11 or ACC-A17A 5-band 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 / 2100MHz magnetic mount antenna, 3-meter cable, SMA (M)
    • ACC-A03 GPS 1575.42MHz Magnetic mount antenna, 3-meter cable, SMA (M)
    • ACC-A22 Ultra-wide-band 698-960 / 1575.42 / 1710-2700MHz L-shaped antenna, hinged, SMA (M)


    • ACC-DIN Metal DIN Rail clip
    • ACC-CA29 RJ45(M) to RJ45(M)-cable length=1000mm

    E200 Series Router Tech Specs

      E205 – XT02 / E206 – XT

      The flexibility and beauty of aluminium alloy have made it the perfect material for our routers. We started with an alloy known for its durability and corrosion resistance. Then, we made it even stronger thanks to our engineers and technology. This beautiful design is fully compatible with your existing configuration thanks to its 2 DIN Rail slots you can mount in seconds and extreme temperature- friendly.

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